Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Waves, Step's Back In!

Well, hello lovelies!! I'm so sorry, I certainly seem to have be been AWOL for quite a while there haven't I!? Lets call it a blogging break, holiday, hiatus....oh ok, I'll admit it, the blogging mojo upped and went, closed the door behind and I thought it was never to return. Well as life has it, the mojo has decided to re-appear and I seem to have found my love of blogging all over again and look forward to posting little snippets from my life, and of course my many bargain shopping hauls!! I think we should start with some pretty pictures to get the ball back 'o rolling don't you?

I recently found some quote postcards in the sales for 20p and so I bought many different ones, I enjoy placing them around the home to help motivate and inspire me when I walk in to one of the rooms. 

And of course I'm still loving all things pink and floral! Whilst they were in season, I made frequent Aldi trips every week to stock up on my peony bargains. 

Now the peonies seem out of season, it's back to my trusty roses!

I really don't think the pink will ever leave me!

 When I thought the time had come after many months, no possibly years of pondering over whether to get a pair of the Saltwater sandals, it HAD to be the fuchsia hot pink for my colour of choice. I always thought this particular style of sandal would make me look about 6 years old wearing them, but after hearing so many reviews on how comfy they are I just had to go for it. They are indeed so, so comfy. Having narrow feet, they are possibly a little wider on me than my usual shoe/sandal, but after a few wears (including a paddle or two in the sea) are moulding to my feet much better.  

I'm always still up for a bargain, and having a sweet tooth, I couldn't leave this delicious birthday cake behind for only £2.50!! It was scrumptious and so pretty to look at. It was no-ones birthday in our house, but it certainly felt like it eating it! 

My love of up-cycling is increasing as the days are getting warmer/longer and I have plenty of painting time. A lovely friend has been updating her kitchen dinner into the kitchen of (my) dreams and she has so kindly given me her unwanted farmhouse kitchen table and solid wood chairs for me to makeover. I can't wait to get going and although I've only got as far as giving the chairs a quick rub down and clean, have had a good think about the makeover and I can't wait to get cracking! I was hoping to try out the Aldi chalk paint, but think its a quick seller so haven't managed to get some yet. I do like my Annie Sloan paint but my purse certainly doesn't ;) I shall be re-doing all the seat pads, and fancy something very pretty so shall be digging out my fave Cath Kidston fabrics.

Talking of Aldi, I've managed to find some great bargains from there recently, that middle isle is like an Aladdin's cave of delights sometimes. I'll share my finds  with you on my next post! 

So I've quietly crept back in, and its just been my 9th blog-anniversary, think I'll have to sort out a little giveaway for you guys!! Until then, I'll leave you with a little pic of Master Poppins taken by  the very talented Whitrigg Photography He who was about 2 years old when I started this blog, and now.......he's off to secondary school. How did that happen, time is just flying by...



  1. 'Ello stranger! So pleased to see your name appear at the top of my reading list!
    Like you, I have been very negligent of my blog, but am aiming to do The August a photo every day of the month. It's only day 2 and I'm behind!!
    Pretty pink flowers aplenty and those sandals are amazing. As for Master P, wow! What a handsome chap he has grown into!!

  2. Hello Lovely!! Ha ha I know, has been quite a while. I may join you if there's room in your challenge to keep up the motivation, as I can slip back, you know me! Took me an age to work out how to get back into my blog, and now I can't even remember how to do a blog header... ha ha I feel like a newbie all over again. Need to catch up on who's still at it, can't just be us two surely? ;)) Right, off to pay you a visit and I'll pop you on my sidebar (to keep an eye on you and make sure you're posting ....ha ha) Big loves, M xx

  3. Nice to see you back posting :-) looking forward to your posts. My crafting/blogging mojo has left the building so its nice to see that there is the chance it will come back :-)


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