Monday, 7 August 2017

Aldi Haul

Hello, back again so soon... I really must keep up this new blogging pace!

As we all know I love a good bargain so I have to admit I am an avid Aldi shopper and when it comes to their special buys I'm always on the look out for new products. The middle isle in Aldi is often very kind to me especially so when there have been products reduced even further!

You may or may not have heard about the No1, No2 and No3 candles that Aldi sold around Mother's Day time. They were known as the Jo Malone dupe's and being at only £3.99 you can see why they were so popular. Well I tried, tried and tried again to get one but no luck, they had sold out everywhere! It just wasn't meant to be. I had heard recently that they were coming back as a permanent line so I thought now is my chance! Nope, yet again I still couldn't find these infamous candles anywhere.

On the off chance shopping late one evening I thought I'd ask if my local store may be getting them (casually of course so as not to appear too desperate) and was given the response "The candles are over there luv". Over there!! Over there!! They'd been in the store all this time and I'd not seen them whilst shopping. Well no wonder really, there I was looking frantically amongst the middle isle stuff and they were actually with the bin bags and bleach (never on my shopping list) on the other side of the shop. I wasn't so casual when it came to walking over, I practically skipped! 

Loads left! 

However tempting it was to lift the boxes of candles and just chuck 'em in the trolley, that would be quite greedy so I was quite restrained and just picked a set of 3 and a couple of extras as gifts. Hopefully being a permanent line they'll now be in store more often. I had heard mixed reviews about this new stock and that some people were left wondering where the fragrance was so I was eager to try them out and see for myself.

They really do look very Jo Malone-y and are much bigger than I thought they would be. The fragrances are No1 (Lime, Basil and Mandarin) No2 (a new fragrance Blackberry Bay) and No3 (Pomegranate Noir) So far I have only lit No3 and it's just lovely, the scent for me is definitely there!

Whilst I was on the search for my Jo Malone dupes I happened to find these candles from Aldi and were fab bargains, they certainly appeased  my candle needs before finally finding the much coveted ones.

The Scentcerity Sweet Pea candle smells divine!!

Another product that has literally been flying off the shelves is their Exfoliating Mud Mask at £5.99. Now this mud mask has been likened to a similar GlamGlow product priced at £39! I'm yet to try out the Aldi one but I've heard many good reports, so hopefully it won't be too long until I too have that smooth youthful feeling that everyone is talking about!  

I'm actually getting to be quite a fan of beauty products, indeed always on the look out for the next lotion or potion that may help to improve my skin and perhaps take a year or two off - or hopefully in my case a decade! Often creams that claim to be the next best thing in giving you that much wanted youthful skin can sometimes really break the bank...ok, it has to be said cheaper than botox but that's not the point as not an avenue that I really want to go down... I couldn't resist this little Aldi haul recently when I saw them, such bargains, but will they do the trick?

I picked up:
Lacura Lavender Midnight Power cream for rejuvenated and smooth skin.
Lacura Lavender Midnight Power Eye Care for a rejuvenated and bright eye area.
Lacura Vitacell Serum Concentrate for skin youthfulness that may be restored.
Lacura Vitacell Eye Cream for a reduction in fine lines and dark circles.
Lacura My Expert Miracle Skin Perfecting Day Cream for a smooth skin feel. 

I purchased the above on different visits, the Vitacell serum and eye cream and My Expert cream had been further reduced so I would have still got change from £20 for all five products. Considering many of these products have been likened to other high end creams costing sometimes £100's of pounds, I think under £20 for all of them rather good in comparison!

I can't wait to try out the Vitacell range, and I'm told the Caviar range is also good so I guess I shall keep my out for that next time. Whilst the sun has been out I was in need of a new sun hat and loved this £3.99 one - a fab bargain!

So after my various hauls I think a sit down is in order, with a special drink of course, and what better than a little Rosé. This £5.99 Aldi one has been ranked as one of the best in the world!!  

Chin, chin!


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  1. I am surely gonna try all these skin care products.But I really want to know are these products vegan and cruelty free or not because these days I am so much concerned regarding that.


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