Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Mary Poppins Round-up

Hello, today I thought I'd do a little round up of what Mary Poppins is up to these days...

When I first started this blog (back in the dark ages) it's main purpose was to log snippets of my family life, a bit of crafting, many makeovers, shopping for pretties etc, and has very much evolved into a kind of lifestyle type blog, a mixed bag and a bit of everything type blog. I'm quite happy to slot into this type and although sometimes I stumble along wondering where this blog is going, in reality it doesn't really have to go anywhere. I like to dip in and out and I am very humbled that anyone else would like a peak into my world too. So, what have we been up to? 

Well, I am now the mum of a 14 year old, how on earth did that happen. Miss Poppins is growing up to be a typical teenager (almost permanently attached to her phone) though very mature for her years. If she ever reads this, I want her to know you make me very proud. And Mummy, yes I am still your Mummy, loves you very much :)

Master Poppins turned 9 in August, and definitely keeps me on my toes. He is very much enjoying his sports and as many boys do, loves football and plays for a local team each weekend. He was barely a toddler when I first started this blog and it has been wonderful, especially after his very premature birth and Pulmonary Stenosis which was treated as a baby, to see him grow up so well and healthy. I can't believe we shall soon be thinking of secondary schools, if I had my way he'd be in primary school forever.

I can nag at them when things don't get done, but it's good to take a step back and appreciate what you have, they shall always be my little bundles of joy.

I too have turned a year older and was greeted with this lovely image when I opened my front door on my birthday.

I fell in love straight away when I unwrapped the beautiful floral radio...it's from Aldi I hasten to add and was somewhat of a best seller. I love it and doesn't it go well with my Cath Kidston wallpapered chest of drawers.

I always advocate following ones dreams, and having made many a lavender heart with those very words on. I thought it was high time I followed my own advice and followed mine. So, with my love of acting I am now back on the creative path of going to classes again, networking and well, just following my acting dream!

Of course I am still loving the sewing and makeovers. 

Lavender hearts shall always be one of my favourite things to make.

And my most recent little furniture makeover...

A tall chest of drawers that I purchased off a friend and knew I could do a little Mary Poppins makeover on. The storage is so useful and after a little Annie Sloan paint and distress now fits in perfectly with my d├ęcor.

I replaced the handles for some crystal knobs from Home Bargains, I think they add some lovely sparkle.

And as for any pretty shopping, well yes one or two little treats made their way home with me.

I adored this pink flamingo necklace...

And although you can't really see it all, the dog loves to cuddle up with me wearing my new furry hot pink cardigan.

Whilst in the body shop browsing their new seasonal ranges I was kindly offered some samples for myself and Miss. Poppins. I'm never normally afraid to ask for a couple of samples in store, so to be offered some was really sweet. The staff were ever so friendly and haven't they been packaged up beautifully.

That's my Christmas wrapping sorted thanks to M&S, so cute...

I'm afraid I am also one of those who like to bring in the Christmas cheer a little early. I couldn't resist these Santa Babies. Yum yum..

So, a little round up for you, shall catch up again very soon :)


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  1. It is great to hear your news and to see your beautiful children growing up. Your home is always wonderful. I HAVE to know-when was that radio in Aldi??? Was it recently? Can I still get one!?!?x


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