Monday, 23 November 2015

Flamingo Gifts

As it is fast approaching that time of year again, I like to start think about gift giving. One online store I just love and that offer some really pretty and unique gift ideas is Flamingo Gifts After collaborating with Flamingo gifts before and being so impressed, I went on to purchase items from there and I have to say they have now become one of my favourite go to websites when it comes to shopping for pretties.

Their items are so up my street, and I have been sent three items to review in time for Christmas. One of my favourite brands is Wu & Wu and I adore this deer cushion it is SO cute! The quality is excellent and a real show stopper. The bright colours really jump out at you and it's kitsch design gives it a wonderful sentimental feel.

I am very tempted to purchase the jewellery box as a gift for someone I know, they would just love it.

Another brand that brings a smile to my face is the very girly Disaster Designs and this 'Songbird' Mini Satchel is a real beauty. 

It's such a useful little bag with a long adjustable strap, buckle clasp, zipped closure and a little key zip pull. 

The back is just as pretty.

It comes with a little postcard label, how pretty.

And of course being from Disaster Designs 'Songbird' range the lining of the bag features a wonderful musical score theme. 

Now one could think opening up a tin of plasters on Christmas day may not quite be a highlight, but when they are these beautiful and pretty Ouch! Daisy plasters I think even I would hope for a little scraped knee ;) They are possibly the prettiest plasters I have ever seen. 

As well as a lovely Daisy and Sunflower design, there is an 'Oops A Daisy' and pink stripe design, just lovely. So some really great present ideas at Flamingo Gifts. I'm looking forward to putting my feet up with a creamy hot chocolate and having a good browse, I doubt very much I'll come away without some pretty gifts ending up in my cyber basket :)

Disclosure: I was sent three items for review for the purposes of this blog post. All words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. They are indeed lovely items Mary, especially that satchel! I love the musical lining!! Not surprised you're tempted to buy things!!
    P.s I wonder if I could ask you a favour at all. I've entered a competition on Lady V London's Facebook page wearing a dress very much in your taste-pink, polka dots and roses- and I wonder if you'd be willing to take a look and give me a like if you liked mine best at all please? If not, don't worry bit otherwise I'd be so grateful if you could!Xx
    Here's the link:


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