Monday, 28 September 2015

Pretty Things

I think I shall forever be a collector of pretty things. Although generally I am getting much better at de-junking, I just cant resist bringing new items into my home that make me smile. Being on the lookout for beautiful vintage pieces that don't break the bank is becoming ever difficult, though you can never tame a thrifter so I thought I'd share some of my recent pretties that really caught my eye, were fabulous bargains and I just love...

I don't frequent car boot sales as much these days but when I do I am more than happy to look and spend wisely. At my last car boot visit, I found some lovely items and that were all a bargain.

I know I shall find lots of use for this old fashioned bon bon jar. I think I'll pop some cotton wool balls inside and add a little ribbon for decoration for the bathroom.

I'm a big fan of vintage green glass and I just had to have this.

I also seem to have a thing for old trays, especially the metal types and I really liked this vintage serving tray. It's such a cute little size and for 50p you can't really go wrong in my book.

I really love it when any of my vintage finds have their original labels, even if the label itself is not in perfect condition. The tray is a Woodmet design. Here's a quote from an original advertisement.

"Genuine Woodmet ware items sparkle with lustrous beauty in a range of pastel shades. A gift for every occasion, a product for every home".

So a trio of bargains there. Next up and from another car boot sale I found this small selection of sweets, but not just your ordinary, everyday sweets, these delicious ones are made of glass. I think for the set of six I paid just £1 and they look so inviting displayed in a little glass dish.

The colours are lovely and I think Murano glass, almost good enough to eat.

Talking of lovely colours, I'm really enjoying creating a little collection of these vintage Observer books. Most come with their dust covers, but I prefer to pack those away safely and show off their colourful spines.

It really made me smile to see a very old postcard used as a bookmark in one of the little books. A real surprise.

It was sent to Alice from John, and judging on the date, is very old!

They are great little books, perfect for dipping in and out of for a little read of interesting facts. Definitely a collection I would like to grow. Again great bargains from charity shops/car boots at about 50p-£1 each.

More delight with these pearlised coloured flutes I picked up.

I still have little collections that I occasionally add too, one of which is vintage shot glasses. I just can't resist them and when I saw these of course I had to have them.

We all know I love pink, I love roses, so I had to purchase this little floral dish, perfect for my little pieces of jewellery and mini treasures.

Now Lexicon is a perfect card game to pick up as I love to make special words to hang as bunting on special occasions or even to frame. Made extra special that this is a vintage set. 

Pink floral pretties always catch my eye and so it is no surprise that this floral half moon rug made its way home with me. After a little freshen up on the line it was looking even better.

The epitome of granny chic I'm thinking...

And talking of pretty roses, I couldn't leave these behind could I. Good old Aldi, the flowers I purchase from there last so well and these roses are no exception. 

So as you can see pretty things are still making their way into my home, though it has to be said, there has been no breaking of piggy banks and items that I know shall all have their special little corner to be loved and used.


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