Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Interior Styling With Oak Furniture Company

I really enjoy blogging about home interiors and when I was challenged by the Oak Furniture Company to imagine styling a room in my home incorporating a product from one of their ranges, I knew straight away which room I would use for the challenge. Master Poppins, who is growing up far too quickly and is now at the grand old age of nine, is also getting to that age where the vintage style low bed I purchased some years ago just isn't cutting it for him any more. Something much, much cooler is required. 

This is where I think the lovely Aspen White painted furniture range from the Oak Furniture company would be perfect to give him a new very stylish pre-teen bedroom.

He already has the perfect seaside inspired wallpaper that would look great with the bright white Aspen bed.

Although his bedroom is an attic conversion, it currently is serving as a twin room with not one, but two of the vintage style beds in there and which proves very useful when guests stay over. Though having somewhat of a girly corner is not a look he wants when his mates come over. Luckily all things girl-related can be out by the time the boys arrive. 

The after shave would have to stay though...
Yes definitely time for a new, more grown up bed I think. 

So space wise, the Aspen White double bed would just fit in there, or even replacing the old beds in there with two of the Aspen single versions would look super. 

Of course boys also tend to come with quite a bit of extra stuff, so just having the one single bed would leave him with a nice space for storage to put all that much needed (to him) stuff in. I can imagine his lovely Cath Kidston bed linen on this beautifully painted bed and of course the fresh white look is a classic style that in my opinion never dates and fits in perfectly with the traditional look I love so much. It is simple, sleek and also practical with a wipe-able satin finish. In fact I think he'd feel like a true prince sleeping in this grown up bed.

The timber used is from renewable forests so he'd be doing his little bit for the environment too. Oh I can just imagine it here looking mighty fine.

It's extremely adaptable and could be incorporated into many looks for a bedroom, and would be great for a teenage girl's room, a spare room for guests, and it would even sit very comfortably in my own bedroom amongst my shabby chic wares.  

With the white flooring already fitted in Master Poppins' bedroom, adding this bright white bed would create a really crisp clean look and turn what is currently somewhat of a little boys bedroom, into a lovely grown up space perfect for his ever changing needs and it is definitely a forever bed that would look great in any of his future bedroom styles. The white bed would coordinate so well with his already red, white and blue scheme and fits very well with his seaside background.  

We even have a lifebuoy that goes so well with his current look, and I also notice one also sits very well within the Aspen range imagery too. Great minds...

So, it looks like I'll have to sit down with my ever growing son and look into us perhaps saving some pennies and see if we can get him that much wanted grown up bed he so desperately wants. 


Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by and created in association with Tots100 and The Oak Furniture Company, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. I love the wallpaper! And agree the white Aspen bed would work really well in this room. Shame they have to grow up though eh?

  2. In my opinion, wooden furniture is the easiest to work with as they are flexible in terms of their customization capabilities. You can simply change the colour or texture as and when you prefer by refinishing the furniture piece according to your own preferences with the right tools.


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