Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Flamingo's Are Back In Action

Well I do wish this dull, wet weather would disappear soon. I find it all a bit depressing and with no sunny summer holiday booked for myself, am hoping very much that the sun comes back to visit us soon. To cheer me up a little I thought I'd get on with a much over due project. I mention here my fondness for the flamingo. In fact my fondness was so much that I fell in love with a pair of Don Featherstone flamigos I had bought. 

After a while of them being in the garden and sadly being used as goal posts by my football loving 8 year old, their lovely long legs soon bent, broke, snapped, and eventually became no more. (inserts sad face) 
They were then destined for the bottom of a dark lonely draw and the job of finding them some new legs went on my 'to do' list. 

Well, after a long, long time in the draw, it was time for the flamingos to have their mini makeover. 

I purchased 2 long metal rods from B&Q in readiness to cut each rod in half to make a pair of legs. I could tell they were getting excited at the prospect of having new dainty legs again.

The current holes for their legs were a little too small so after a little negotiation I made them a bit bigger to fit their new pins. You can see a before and after of the holes in this photograph. 

Next up, legs in, and the lovely flamingo's are now back in action, albeit on a rather over grown lawn. Yippee...

 I shall now be keeping a very close eye on my pretty flamingos next time the son decides to play some impromptu football in the back garden!! 


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