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Coronation Street - The Tour

Hello lovelies.

We have had a busy little Easter holiday and had some great fun, hope you may have too and one outing we really enjoyed and looked forward to, was going on the Coronation Street Tour Being big Corrie fans we couldn't wait to go, even setting our alarms for an early start. I had been on the old Granada Studios Tour many years ago, I even went for an interview to be a guide - a perfect job for those 'arty' types. I was really keen to see how the Corrie set may have differed to my last mooch around, and the children, especially the youngest was really excited and couldn't quite believe he'd actually get to see the Rovers. Although the cast and crew have now moved over to a new location at Media City, it is super that there is still the opportunity to see the sets that had been used for so many years previously, and we all know those cobbles are infamous. The Kabin set can (for a short time) still be seen on current Corrie programmes due to filming in advance, so that fact was great to learn. 

Our guide was David, a jolly and knowledgeable chap who was happy to answer any questions for Corrie fans as we were walking around. To keep things moving and out of respect to the other visitors, it is asked that photographs are not taken on the guided part of the tour. You can however have your photograph professionally taken behind the bar at the rovers and that can be purchased from the gift shop which is situated inside the medical centre set. I wanted everything to be a surprise so if you are planning on visiting, maybe take a peek after you've been.  

The tour was started by our guide telling us all about the history of Coronation street and then explained we were actually sitting in their Green Room - a room where only the cast (no crew) were allowed to relax in. There is even a quiet room for those that want more of a peaceful rest. Along we went, past the old dressing rooms of the actors and actresses, and then on to see the wardrobe department and onto the interior sets. It really is fascinating to see it all, and everything looks a lot smaller compared to on the TV, the attention to detail is fantastic. I was really interested in seeing that the stairs in Gails house didn't actually lead anywhere, just six or seven steps with a little post on the end for the actor/ress who has just run up it, probably in a strop, to hold on to and then has to stay put till the end of the scene. 

The Rovers interior set was brilliant, and we couldn't wait to get our snap from behind the bar!
Next we were taken around some more sets, I especially loved seeing the Kabin interior and it was just as fascinating seeing it when we got outside and actually onto the cobbles. Here's a little peek...

The most exciting bit for me was seeing the outside and the feeling of the cobbles on your feet, a real nostalgic moment for those of use who have been watching Corrie for years. Nicks Bistro is quite a new addition but still felt surreal standing outside it. 

And of course, Roy's Rolls, what a treat actually being there :)

In my opinion, I think this is one of the most famous houses in the street.

And then there's Carla's posh apartment. Hard to believe its just a 'set' and not a proper apartment block. 

Going behind the houses and through the alleyway was interesting too, as much of the filming action often took place in these areas over the years. 

And who lives in a house like this?

I could not leave without getting a photograph outside this famous pub. 

 Whilst outside you were pretty much free to come and go, take as many photographs as you liked and could stay for a long as you wanted viewing the exterior sets. There are places to grab a drink and a bite to eat, and I can definitely recommend the takeaway chips :) 

There was also a little mini tour from another enthusiastic guide for the outside 'sets' and we listened to some very interesting facts and there is much more to see. Soon it was time to have a mooch around the gift shop, which is actually in the old medical centre, still with its original signs inside. 

(Courtesy of Tour Image Gallery)

How could we leave without a little treat or two, we purchased these items from the gift shop which was filled with some really fun and Corrie related items.

And a little something for a relative of ours who is in her 70's and the biggest fan ever! She would love the tour so I shall have to take her around especially as the tour is now extended into 2015. 

So a very enjoyable tour and I would say perfect for any Corrie fan, but also, if like me, you are also interested in television and the media it is really interesting. Especially if one of your goals is to actually appear as an actor on the programme. Prices start at £15.50 for children (5-15), £16 for Students and Senior Citizens, Adults £17, and a Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) is £60. Children under 5 with an adult go free. If you compare costings to many attractions it is in my opinion reasonable and the memories you'll take away with you last a life time.

So a definite thumbs up from me, we really, really enjoyed it!!

Disclosure: We gained complimentary admission to Coronation Street: The Tour for the purposes of this blog post. All opinions and words my own. 

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