Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Homebase Dining Room Makeover

Hello lovelies, I thought I'd share a nice little home makeover post with you today.

I am one who needs no encouragement when it comes to prettying up areas in my home and was delighted to take part in the Homebase #MyWay makeover project. Many a room in my home needs a little TLC, however, there is one room that is not much more than an empty shell and definitely in need of a makeover. The room is the dining area, and I couldn't wait to get decorating.

Homebase has some great inspiration over at the Project Centre and I enjoyed having a browse before starting my makeover. It is said that people on average spend £243 on updating their home decor and get much of that inspiration from online and offline friends, otherwise known as 'Friendspiration'. This encourages many of us to have a go ourselves, and without calling out the professional experts. For this makeover I did it pretty much all on my own (bar borrowing the husband for a bit of drilling and heavy duty sanding) so it can be done! On average, shoppers also spend 29 days researching ideas for the makeover. For my research I created a Pinterest board and although my research took a lot less than the average 29 days, I did have quite a clear idea how I wanted the space to look.

                            Follow Sew_Pretty's board Homebase #MyWay on Pinterest.

So, it was that average amount of £243 (given in Homebase vouchers) that I was to spend on redecorating and updating the dining area. Now, I could have just given it a quick coat of paint and purchased some swanky new bits and bobs and voila, all done. But oh no, when I get stuck in, I get well and truly stuck in. Being somewhat of a thrifter, I really wanted to get as much as possible with that £243, and it took 3 Homebase visits to get all I needed. Here is my trolley on my first shopping expedition...

I was going to go my usual flowery self with the wallpaper but changed my mind as there really is quite enough floral-ness going on in this home. I loved there white brick effect wallpaper and knew it would be perfect, it has an almost 3D look and I only used up 2 rolls doing both walls. I did get an extra roll just to be sure, and it is always useful to have a spare in case of repairs and/or if the wallpaper gets discontinued. So at £12.99 a roll, I spent £38.97 on wallpaper.

 I also spent a small amount on brushes and wallpaper adhesive.

As to the area itself, as I mentioned earlier it is well over due a makeover and getting involved in this project gave the the impetus to get motivated finally. The room had been stripped back previously and needed a little plastering in places. The area was looking not so much shabby chic, but just plain shabby. 

You can see in the corner I had been playing with wallpaper samples so it was a work in progress to a degree, I just needed to get it finished. Once the walls had been cleaned with sugar soap to wipe off any grease, dirt and grit, it was time to get wallpapering. I have wallpapered before and wasn't really fazed, however I do think it is a two wo/man job as it can be somewhat fiddly getting the paper lined up etc. The first piece went up like a dream, however the next one I had a little obstacle in the way, namely the radiator and as I was not over enthusiastic abut removing it, found a very handy video that shared some great tips on wallpapering.

Do I get a gold star?

Possibly not the neatest job, but I'm hoping no-one is going take a nose at the back ;) Soon, I got in my stride and I was really liking the look of the wallpaper as it was going up.

Next, it was time to get painting the sideboard which was purchased off ebay many years ago and for a song. I decided to try out Rust-oleum furniture paint in Dusky Pink  and Chalk White both priced at £12.99 and I have to say I was very impressed.

I used the 'Dusky Pink' for the sideboard and 'Chalky White' for the chairs and table legs. I found the 4 chairs in a skip a very long time ago (I did ask if it was ok to take them) and here is what they looked like before I painted them. 

I decided to make a start on the sideboard and I think the pink colour looks great against the white arty wallpaper. I didn't want too matt a finish, so I gave it a slightly white washed look and which I think gives it some character.

Even though I had decided the floorboards were going to be painted white, they really weren't in very good condition, and as there are floorboards elsewhere in the house to clean up, decided to try out a floor sander for the weekend. One thing I learnt was that sanders weigh a tonne! Anyway am glad we did sand the floorboards first as I think the paint went on so much easier. Here they are prepared and ready to be painted after the sand.

 It was certainly good practice for when we come to use the sander again for the other floorboards. After painting the skirting boards I then used white paint to freshen up the walls and ceiling. I couldn't resist a little play to see which corner I was going to display the plant I had purchased. 

 The paint we used for the floor was Ronseal Diamond Hard White floor paint priced at £31.99 for a 2.5L tin. I applied it with a long handled roller which saved lots of time and it dried really quickly. It gives the space a lovely fresh, airy feel to it. 

I was desperate to get the pretties in and had purchased some lovely accessories from Homebase, however I was a good girl and waited for the floor paint to harden. I also wanted (with the help from husband) to put a shelf up. I did display the pretty frames and which I thought a bargain at only £5.29 each. I used some of a sample wallpaper for the background and that I also incorporated in the sideboard. I then popped a cut out heart shape inside each frame from my favourite fabrics.  

I love the hanging family sign!

Nearing the finish line, my poor thumbs were definitely feeling it. 

Time to get the chairs finished.

I decided to pop a little cushion on each chair that I already had and attached with some ribbon. I love the 'Smile' quote.

It was all coming together and I could finally put my purchased pretties in place. Some of my favourites were the oh so cute squirrel  and I couldn't leave the gloss white stag behind either. I love candlelight at tea time and thought the new tea light holders perfect for the makeover.

So here is the room after my makeover and I have to say I love it.

*Many photographs coming up alert* 

As it's coming up to Easter, I had to dig out the twiggy tree.

The laugh tea light holders look lovely lined up and the glass jars are perfect for displaying the tea lights.

Yum! Little sweet biscuits are definitely one of my favourite things :)

I chose a natural straw runner for the sideboard and matching table mats for the table, I think they add texture to the look of the room.

This glass vase came home with me too, perfect for displaying fruit.

I thought this hanging sign just perfect against the brick effect wallpaper.

Another pretty candle, and it coordinates beautifully with the set of 3 rose canvases displayed behind.

The squirrel and stag look perfectly at home.

This is one of my favourite children's books, and it had to have a special place too. 

Tea lights at tea time...

Time to eat...

I really hope you enjoyed your little tour of our newly decorated dining area, quite a difference don't you think, perhaps you've been inspired to pick up the paint brush? I hope so. I felt so depressed and uninspired in the old room as it was and now feel so much cheerier walking in.  

I was very impressed with Homebase as not only was I able to purchase the basics, like paint, wallpaper, brushes etc, but they also offer some fantastic home accessories and in my opinion at great prices. I was able to really fill my trolley with the £243 budget. Of course, some things I already had, but I always aim to recycle as much as I can rather than buy new all the time. 

Now to enjoy it!!


Disclosure: I was sent £243 of Homebase vouchers for the purposes of this makeover project blog post. All words and opinions are my own. 


  1. Omg i love the cabinet, and the chairs and all the accessories =] that pink is one gorgeous shade

    1. Thanks so much, there was always going to be a hint of pink in the room, my favourite colour :)

  2. You've done a wonderful job making the money stretch to that lovely makeover. Perfect for Springtime and Easter and it will cosy up nicely when the Autumn comes rolling back round.

    1. Thanks Sue :) Yes perfect for spring/summer. Perhaps I'll have to add some warmer accessories around Autumn, hopefully with the neutral background shall be easy enough. Thanks again for the lovely comments x

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS makeover. You've done so well! I'm just finishing off my Homebase makeover this week - you've given me the motivation to get it done! Karen x

    1. Thank you :) It was a lot of hard work, but the project definitely game me the motivation I needed. I just finish the rest of rooms in the house now ;) Can't wait to see what you've done, I'll look forward to taking a peek :) x

  4. This is a really impressive makeover. I like the choice of colours a lot.
    Have a nice week!

    1. Thanks Tina, what lovely comments, enjoy your week too :)

  5. oooooo love love love the makeover it's just darling !! that wallpaper is amazing. Love how you styled it too :D


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