Thursday, 22 January 2015

My Pretty Christmas Gifts

Hello lovelies :) 

Although I am somewhat playing catch up in blogland, I thought, if like me you enjoy nosing at other people's pretties, then you may like a 'nose' at some of the lovely gifts Santa and others left me under the Christmas tree.

We all know Christmas is not just about the presents, but they do make a lovely and welcome addition to Christmas day don't they. So without further ado here are some of the lovely, special gifts from loved ones and of course, Santa himself ;) I love them. 

I thought I'd start with a big one. 

Oh my, I just love my mum who knows me so well, and always, always picks the perfect gifts for me. On a visit to my home a while ago, she could see our fire surround had a 'half painted' look to it - (due to running out of paint) and not a good look by the way. She discreetly asked what colour I had used, and I replied Annie Sloan "Old White". Now I do love to use AS paint - though it has to be said, occasionally on some pieces of furniture it and I do not get along, but mostly we do. However it is in my opinion quite pricey, especially for a thrifty person like myself who likes to spend her pennies in the wisest, thriftiest way possible. I was more inclined to live with a half painted fire surround and work myself up to going on a little Annie Sloan spree some time soon and after I'd saved some pennies up. 

Well, I was over the moon unwrapping these little beauties.  

Yay that surround can now get finished.

I am a big fan of Mark Jacobs 'Daisy' perfume and was delighted to unwrap this scent that I don't have for my 'Daisy' collection. Again from the lady that knows me so well.

The bottle is gorgeous.

Sticking with a Daisy style theme, this lovely necklace was worn as soon as I opened it. I love it :)

As was my (floral) Christmas jumper and I couldn't wait to get cosy in it. 

Of course, there had to be a little Cath Kidston surprise ;)

I'm quite well known in my little family for seeing little pretties before Christmas and giving a little hint here or there. I fell in love with this 'candy floss' pink raggy bath mat and hoped santa would be kind :) 
He was. It's the prettiest thing, perhaps too pretty for wet just got out of the bath feet to be stamping on. The raggy texture is just the loveliest thing to run your hands over.

 And its perfect for my our pink, girly bathroom.

Being a wordy person who loves inspirational quotes and sayings dotted around the home, I especially loved this East of India flag, perfect for next to my bed.

And for the kitchen diner.

Being someone who rarely wears foundation these days and if so, only for special occasions, have found this Maybelline one the most suitable for my skin type. It has a lovely silky soft feel to it and gives a lovely glowy look. I'd run out a long while ago and thought nothing of it. It was a nice surprise to get a nice new bottle. (Extra gold star for the husband remembering the exact colour shade) 

These had been on my wish list for a while and although I have a pink pair that I have had for a number of years, I find this brand has a certain shelf life and my pink ones were definitely past their sell by date. I pondered and pondered about what colour to go for and being a colour person thought it had to be a big bright colour. However my practical side won and even though not a 'fashion' boot per say many fashionistas can be seen wearing them about town as well as the muddy fields. As I like to wear mine about town too, I thought black gloss a good choice and would go with everything. A lovely treat from Santa.

I love pretty scents and these Morris & Co scented drawer liners smell delicious, too nice to be hidden away so am thinking of other plans for them. 

Being a Downton Abbey fan, I love this set of 3 signature soaps. Just lovely. 

These cosy boots were bit of a bargain, so Santa tells me...

I love notebooks, and this was a lovely sparkly number along with a pretty pen.

I indeed had some gorgeous gifts. 

Oh I have to share the present we got for Miss. Poppins, our ever growing up teenager. Buying for her was proving a challenge as ideally I didn't want to be buying items beyond her years but also knew she probably was a bit too old for play dough. She loves her music and singing, and enjoys uploading various songs on her ipod/iphone. She had mentioned she fancied some sort of music system that could play music in her bedroom. 

I saw the perfect, drool worthy, delicious thing, and I thought she'd love it. I know I do, I really do. 

Its a lovely Emma Bridgewater radio, in the Sampler hearts print, and perfect as it has a dock to pop her ipod/iphone in and listen to her music. It has DAB radio and an alarm clock feature. I have to say the dock is a good quality one judging by the music we can hear blaring out of her room. 

Isn't it pretty.

Do you think she'll share?

No, I thought not either. *sad face

It can be hard buying for teenagers, but this got the thumbs up and was a reasonable price too as a pre-Christmas offer.

I hope you have enjoyed your little moochy at my prezzies. Family, friends and Santa himself have truly spoilt me and I love everything. Please feel free to leave a little comment if you would like to know where anything came from, I'll get back to you asap. 

I have it on trust from Santa he'll know, well, he knows everything, doesn't he...


  1. Lovely pressies - especially the Hunters - I still have navy sparkle ones -they last for years and years. Daughters radio is a thoughtful pressie. Nice to catch up with your blog. Betty :D

  2. Ohooo the navy sparkle ones sound delicious! Yes the daughter is over the moon with the radio, I'm sure she wouldn't mind me having a little listen though whilst shes at school... ;) Thanks for commenting - shall pop by your blog and say hello x


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