Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cath Kidston Sales Spree

We all know I am a big fan of bargain hunting and shopping, I always like a little mooch around the sales. and just after Christmas, the first place I wanted to have a little browse was Cath Kidston. I wanted to see if there were any bargains to be had. I also wanted to see if they had a certain something that I had fallen in love with, after seeing it online. 

Father Christmas left Master Poppins a delightful pair of cosy 'London Buses' Pajamas. I love them, what good taste Father Christmas has. 

I spied something in the sale, that I thought a lovely addition to the pj's and imagined how smart my little 8 year old would look. It was the matching 'London Buses' dressing gown and it was a great sale price so made that decision a little easier that I had to have it for him. 

He loves wearing it. He also has the little matching bed socks and so looks super cosy at bedtime. 

 I couldn't leave the drawstring washbag behind could I ;)

This was the item I fell in love with online. Yes it's 'London Buses' again...(can you tell I quite like this print) 

The jacquard skirt is so comfy with the elasticated waist and fits perfectly, its a lovely length on me neither too long or short, but just on the knee. The jacquard fabric is a nice quality and it was a bargain at £15, as it was originally £40. I'd been holding out on getting this skirt for a while so I'm glad I waited and got it for such a fantastic price. 

I also tried on their 'Stop Thief' printed skirt in a very similar style.

I may have had another 'fall in love' experience and the 'Clocks' jacquard skirt as well. It has such a lovely vintage appeal, again at £15 rather than it's original £40, so I snapped it up. 

Back to the 'Stop Thief' comic style print, and although I love it, thought perhaps a little too child like for me to actually wear, but I couldn't resist these sale bargains. 

Master P loves his new Backpack.

And he has something safe to keep his pennies in.

And me too.

 Miss Poppins is fast building up her collection of cosmetics so she'll always find a use for the 'Stop Thief' cosmetic bag. 

Hmmmm, I am getting to rather like this print too. This cute barrel drawstring bag is perfect for swim days, and although doesn't have a waterproof lining, one quick air after its been used and it's back good to go. 

Whilst at the till point paying for my haul, I noticed these pretty hamper boxes behind the till, They looked so pretty, and super prices at half price.  

I purchased 3 different sizes and thought they would be perfect for storage to keep all those bits and pieces in. The teen in the house has already bagged the medium sized one for all her hair bows and accessories. 

I thought I'd better make a run for it before I spied something else I 'just had to have'. The Cath Kidston sales are super lovely, and I spent a long while just browsing before making my purchases. Everything I ended up buying was a sale purchase so I am pleased to have saved a pretty penny or two.



  1. I think the CK sale was really good this time. Annoyingly, I'd bought the bus and clock skirts at 20 and 30% off (in October) and so I was gutted they went into the sale- also received the Stop thief dress (blogged about it) at fullprice- they bought it in October!!!! You did really wellx

  2. Fabulous shopping spree bargains


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