Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Bedroom Inspiration...

I know it sometimes feels like winter's only just begun, but I like to think every day that goes by is a day closer to spring, and when I myself have a little 'spring' in my step. As the days get lighter, I enjoy a little decluttering and perhaps purchase one or two new pretties for the home. I am feeling very inspired and am especially eager to get finishing the bedroom makeover, and I can't help but look for accessories to pretty it all up. 

It took forever to finally decide on a wallpaper for behind the bed, and I came to the conclusion the very floral wallpaper designs I was considering were perhaps a bit too girly after all. I looked for some further inspiration and I soon found a lovely Paris themed wallpaper in a light dove grey/silver. I thought would coordinate well with some soft pink and white accessories, perfect for a Parisian theme. 

I think the room would look lovely with a pretty mirror or two, and there's some great inspiration on offer for me at Homebase.                                                   
(Image courtesy of Homebase)

(Image courtesy of Homebase)

(Image courtesy of Homebase) 

I especially like this pretty venetian wall mirror and think it would look perfect against the Parisian wallpaper. I am aiming to create a very soft, subtle palette but want to add interest with texture and so think the etched detail on this mirror a good choice.   

(Image courtesy of Homebase)

Actually, I may have already started a teeny, weeny little stash of spring purchases... but shhhh don't tell ;)

A 'Mary Poppins' bedroom wouldn't be complete without a little pink, and I want a pretty pink to coordinate with the silver of the wallpaper. As these paper pom poms are already hanging in the corner of the bedroom, I was thinking to use this soft pink as my inspiration colour wise. I think little hints of this soft pink next to silver and white accessories, would still create a feminine feel without being too girly.

I already have two of these little lamps, that I have added a bit of lace edging, for next to the bed.

 I have also found some great bedroom inspiration over on pinterest.

So lots to keep me busy and inspired, now to get that wallpaper paste out... :))


Disclosure: Post in collaboration with Homebase, all words and opinions my own. 

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