Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A (Very Belated) Happy New Year

Well hello there lovelies :)

Goodness me, what a long blogging break I have had. I am though coming back very refreshed and full of new year cheer. I can't believe we are now into 2015, which also happens to be my 8th year of blogging. Gosh now I feel really old. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, filled with good health and happiness. Although winter is most certainly not my best season, (I am definitely a summer girl) I so enjoy Christmas and all the festivities surrounding it. And of course, there was always going be a hint of pink on our Christmas tree.

This was our artificial 'space saving' tree that we had in the kitchen diner, it looked very pink and pretty in the corner. I adore the scent of a real Christmas tree, and missed that so only a few days before Christmas itself, the husband came home with a surprise. A real tree and we all got stuck in decorating it in the lounge. Luckily I have collected many tree decorations over the years so this was to be our 'winter ice' tree, an array of silvers and whites. It was a hit in the house, especially when the presents started appearing underneath it. 

Oh we all love presents don't we, I know I do, though I did have little hints around the house of what's really important at Christmas.

But back to presents ;) Oh the husband did good, so good. I know this brand is very popular and I'm never one who likes to be same as, same as, but I have wanted one of the MK rose gold watches for like, forever.

Oh you'd like a little peek inside, ok, here's me wearing the little, well, not quite so little delight.

Over Christmas I saw some really cute and retro bed linen and knew I just had to have it, well done Asda :)

I wonder if I can get away with using it all year round. Its been packed away for now but I have a feeling it may make its way back on the bed before too long. As for New Year, it was rather a sedate one here in the Poppins household, a special family tea followed by films and the fireworks on the television. Im sure I've heard staying in is the new going out, so we must be very on trend :)

We did have a lovely family walk on New Year's Eve, and although weather wise, a little rainy, it was lovely spending time together as our little family of four.

We just ambled along, swinging off tree branches...

  And had great fun standing amongst some very big twigs...

Even the occasional silly selfie was taken along the way...

It was a fun walk :)

As for creativity, I'm still enjoying making my little crafts and loved making these little bunting sets just before Christmas.

I always send a little something as a thank you with orders, and I just love the pretty ditsy floral fabric I used for the lavender heart I sent with the pink bunting. It was from hobbycraft and perfect for some upcoming spring makes I think.

Talking of hearts, I recently made some lavender hearts for bride and groom to be's. I love the natural, french inspired look of these hearts.

I am trying to be creative in other non-sewing ways, and now I have all my ingredients, I am looking forward to making up some tea cup candles. With the amount of tea cups and saucers I have hidden away, that could be a lot of candles. 

I'm using flaked soy wax, and a variety of fragrances. I think they'll make lovely homemade birthday gifts. I'm excited to get going and shall pop back and share my results.

2015 has me feeling very inspired, and I am making much use of my library card, loaning crafty books to help with my creativity. I am enjoying this book 'The Art Of Handmade Living' and where I found the inspiration for the teacup candles. 

I always aim to loan books now rather than buy them, unless its a super duper can't wait to get my hands on it book, but otherwise mostly my library card does the talking rather than my bank card. 

So as the title suggests, a very (belated) Happy New Year to you. I am aiming to pop by far more frequently and am of the thinking of having a set blogging day to give me a bit of routine may work best, rather than my thus far as and when blogging approach. 

Before I go. Yes, it's now official I am the mother of a teenager!

Miss. Poppins had a fun filled and busy 13th with all her friends, I loved the way she displayed her birthday cards behind her bed on the wall, maybe a little creative soul is hiding away in there.

For now, if anyone has any 'parenting a teenager' tips, I'm all ears and eyes. 
I have a feeling I'm going to need them!


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