Thursday, 21 August 2014

Netflix Review (Part 2)....

Having posted part 1 of our Netflix Review here it was time to get a better idea of why we love Netflix so much! Although individually we all look forward to some chill out time with Netflix on our own devices, its when we come together as a family that Netflix for me really comes into it's own. During this holiday season we've had no specific family holiday, apart from the occasional weekend away, so it has been nice to come back to that cinema experience that Netflix offers at home after a day out. Sounds a cliché - but yes we like to get the bowls of popcorn out to enhance the experience! We definately use Netflix to relax and unwind - the man of the house is not what one would call a film buff as it were, but he has really enjoyed some quiet time with us to watch a movie. Having a busy work life, and starting a new job it has been good for him to 'escape' for a short while. One film we enjoyed was Opal Dream, about a young girl, Kellyanne who has two invisible friends, Poppy and Dingan and soon becomes ill after they disappear one day. This film evokes lessons of family loyalty, faith and compassion and certainly got us all talking about it long after it had finished. I guess I'm naturally bit of a homebird so look forward to snuggling up on the couch and this family time. The children also see it as bit of a treat, especially when the popcorn gets in on the act!

Here they are sharing what they love about netflix.

We don't often get to the cinema, so the children especially enjoy their film watching at home and there is certainly an impressive choice of films for them to choose from. I really like that we can all set up our own profiles and although a little restricted, there are some simple parental controls one can set up for each profile. So for myself and my husband we have access on our profile's to all adult movies, Master P older kids, and Miss P the the 'teen' stuff. 

Of course you can't block certain profiles being seen by others on devices, however so far the parental controls on offer work for us as a family and the children like using their own profiles, which makes them feel quite grown up and they don't wander over to anyone else's. They understand what's meant for them to watch and what isn't and always use their own personal profile on devices. However perhaps settings could be set up on a device by device basis, or profiles be password protected. This is something Netflix could look into maybe, and that would make the current settings much stricter for parents who want to be 100% confident young viewers can only view age appropriate content on devices. Just to note it can take upto 8 hours for parental controls to take effect.

With all this in mind I think communication is the key and we have open discussions at home about what is suitable viewing. Miss P who is quite old for her years and mature minded, occasionally watches things that may not be available on her 'teen' profile but she always checks first and we both make sure is ok to watch.

Anything that makes me blub is always good viewing for me, I love a film that makes me cry - and here I am watching Ghost for probably the 100th time!! The dog also wanted to get in on the fun and games too!

So Netflix works for us in many ways, to bring us all together to help create some family time, for the pre - teen who loves to get her school friends around to watch a cheesy movie on sleepover nights, for when someone in the house is feeling a little under weather, lying on the couch with a little netflix time and chicken soup really helps to take some time out and recharge the batteries. For the busy husband who works, works, works and yet relishes a sit down with his wifey to watch a gripping drama series, for when the weather is rubbish and I have an 8 year old boy on my hands twiddling his little thumbs, only a sit down with Horrid Henry will do!

We plan to keep up our Netflix subscription for the foreseeable future and the fact that initially one sitting as a family in front of a 'screen' can perhaps not be seen as valuable time, it certainly is for us as things we watch evoke discussion, talk, chitter chatter, even a little romance! So as far as entertainment goes for us, Netflix gets a bit thumbs up!! 


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