Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

I don't know about you, lovely peeps, but I definitely feel a bit down in the dumps at this time of year. Christmas is over and done with and the buzz of a new year has for me now passed. February has always been my tricky month ~ bit of a nothing and depressing month. However thoughts of spring and sunshine keep me going and I find this time more than most I need to have pretty things in my life. So to begin with, I took off the chine cover and got sewing. I have had this lovely vintage bicycle Ashley Wilde fabric for a while, and knew the large print would be perfect for a comfy, over sized cushion cover. 

It is going to be perfect for when the sunshine is out, friends gather round and a spare seat is needed. The extra large size makes it a lovely floor cushion. 

Next a teeny little shop was in order, im a big fan of dotcomgiftshop and well, they always do such great sales! I couldn't resist this little lot, and one or two prezzies in there for other people too :) 

 I just had to have this oh so pretty toilet roll, ha ha not to be used mind, purely for display purposes only!!  

If there was toilet roll made with me in mind, that would most certainly be it ;) Of course some of my bestest pretties can be found in charity shops and I loved this little floral mantle clock ~ only £2, a pretty bargain indeed!

It really is so sweet and a little kitsch too. I adored this pretty floral posy, a pound well spent, and in the dreary month ahead, they shall certainly put a smile on my face. No need to water either! 

This lovely bracelet had to come home with me too ~ well they do say one (wo)mans trash is another (wo)mans treasure! 

Next it was on to Paperchase for a little mooch. They had a great sale on and I just love this shop.

At £2.40 (sale price) I could absolutely not leave these pretty winged heart cases on the shelf. I have visions of me baking pretty little heart cakes for Mr. Poppins on Valentine's Day :) 

And then it was to Sainsbury's and with me thinking and longing for sunshine these little items made their way into my shopping trolley. Ooppps!  

The napkins are so cute....urrr though looking at my already collection of paper napkins I didn't really need any more. Oh dear, I'm beyond help I think, I probably need to join some sort of napkins anonymous group! 

I adore the paper honeycomb decorations,

Having a desire to make something pretty, I gathered some ingredients.

One project is still a work in progress but I managed to finish this little raggy heart. Off to be gifted I think, and such an easy make, anyone can bring a little sunshine into their lives :)

To help the inspiration/mojo at this time of year I love to read pretty books, and I am really enjoying Vintage Home. It was from the works so cheaper than RRP and one of my favorites to perk me up a bit. 

Also this little man, I only have to look at him and I grin from ear to ear. Oh how a dog truly is a (wo)mans best friend.

Not sure he's too happy about having a floral bed, but it deffo suits him!   

So I shall continue to dream of sunny day's, when the heart doesn't feel so heavy and the hats and scarves can be replaced by flowery flip flops and floaty dresses.

However, I am indeed realizing that although that big ball of heat may not be in the sky, you can carry sunshine in your heart and be grateful for the here the now, family and friends in your lives. So, although February is my wobbly month, I truly am going to do my best to see the prettiness in everything.  

Oh, and these certainly help, probably the best thing about this time of year ;) 


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