Sunday, 13 October 2013

Orla Kiely Tesco Bags

I don't know if any of you have been collecting the lovely Orla Kiely charity bags for Tesco, but I have been delighted to spy one in the store every so often. I think I spied my first one back in 2010, priced very competitively at £4.00 and have remained at this price ever since. I think the lovely and re-usable bags offer great value and with each one purchased, a contribution of 50p is divided and sent to CLIC and The Royal College of Art. I don't know how many are being released, or indeed if I have all of the designs, but I thought I'd share my little collection of seven different designs with you. I've forgotten exactly what order I purchased them in and if you have any different ones I would love to know :)

I loved the pear design on this one and if I remember rightly the first design released back in 2010.

This one I only got last week, so could still be in store, I love, love, love the jazzy red handles!

I think this may be have been purchased over a year ago, and maybe the second design released? Quite a retro design I thought.

  Next up we have this flowery number - it didn't quite float my boat straight away, but is turning out to be one of the favourite's in my collection.

I had to have this floral dot style - just love it and really like the contrasting green handles.

Next is this very 70s inspiring design, mustard's and greens are not my normal favourite colours, but I think work well in this design.

Finally is this jazzy sunflower-esque design. I love its zingy colours and think would make a great wallpaper.

So there you are, my little Orla Kiely collection - next time you are in Tesco I'd say it's well worth a little moochy (they are normally at the end of the tills) to see if there are any new designs.

I would love to know how many were/are being released - they really are super little bags and especially so as worthy charities are benefiting too :)


  1. I also have. A thing for these bags, but own just a modest collection of 4! I have a red and black bird pattern one. I have seen a smaller reusable bag with an owl design in dark blue which I believe was Orla. eBay usually has some for sale to check if there are any other designs.
    They make me happy & cost less than Mulberry's or at least that's my excuse when I bring home another!

    1. Roberta - your collection sounds fantastic! Unfortunately funds have not allowed me to have a 'proper' Orla bag - hence me being very excited to see these £4 charity ones in Tesco :) Thanks for sharing x

  2. Replies
    1. They are cute aren't they - don't think they were as promoted as much as the Cath Kidston charity ones Tesco did, perhaps why not as many peeps knew about them? x

  3. I only have 3 of that set!!! Wish I had the pear one!!!

    1. Oh Kezzie - I wish you did too - perhaps ebay? x


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