Monday, 21 October 2013

Oral-B Triumph 5000 (with SmartGuide) Electric Toothbrush - Review

From experience, it's not that easy going off to the dentist when one has somewhat of a phobia of visiting such places. I have spoken before on here about my nervousness at taking myself off to see my dentist, however deep down, I know how important it is to keep on top of ones teeth and ensure those gums stay healthy. Unfortunately sometimes the nerves have got the better of me and I've put off (as in, I can't possibly do that day as I am washing my hair, kind of put off) going for regular check up's and have ended up paying for it (literally) in future dental work because I have left it so long. Its silly really, if I'd kept up the check up visits its very likely things could have been nipped in the bud before any treatment was required. Also being quite lazy with my manual tooth brush, not consistently brushing for the recommended 2 minutes, I doubt I was giving my teeth and gums the attention they deserved either.

 I am certainly better these days - I can logically understand my fear of going to the dentist was due to having quite a traumatic experience as a child where I needed four teeth out and have memories of being so scared of that gas mask nearing my face. I remember crying and screaming and didn't really know what was going on. I think things have much improved when dealing with young children these days and luckily my own children have no fear of the dentist, things are always explained clearly to them. Also, my aim is never to let my phobia rub off on them. I can happily say my last (on time) visit I was given a big happy gold star, and no treatment was required.

 I was offered the opportunity of reviewing the Oral-B Triumph 5000 (with SmartGuide) electric toothbrush, and with me being a manual toothbrush user, I really wanted to try it out and see for myself the difference an electric toothbrush like this could make to the look and feel of my teeth and gums. Also I knew all the family could benefit from trying it out. For complete oral care I was sent some Oral-B Pro-Expert premium gum protection toothpaste to use alongside the toothbrush and I found them the perfect partnership. The toothpaste helps prevent causes of gum disease, helps to slow bacterial growth, reduces plaque and fights tartar. It really is as it says on the box, a premium toothpaste!

I did wonder whether I could work out the instructions as having never used a smart guide system before it did all look very new age and modern to me. However after a thorough read it did all make sense and I couldn't wait for that first brush. SmartGuide is basically a wireless system that connects to the brush, monitors ones brushing and tells you how well you have cleaned your teeth. You then find out if you brushed too hard, eg if you put excessive pressure on your teeth, the pressure sensor light appears. It has a timer so you can monitor the length of brush too, and there are several brushing modes, including daily clean, deep clean, sensitive, whitening, and massage. This really is one smart brush!

I found the handy travel case very useful as I first tried the brush when I was away from home and it packed perfectly amongst my luggage. It also has a wall mount for home use, however I'm fine with having it on the shelf, though it normally finds itself just perched at the end of the sink ready for action!

 Optimum charge is recommended to take up to 24 hours, and this can enable up to 10 days of regular brushing (twice a day, 2 minutes). I have used an electric toothbrush a long time ago, however I did find it frustrating that it just used to stop mid brush when the battery was out - with this electric toothbrush, if the battery is low you get an indicator light to remind you. So no more frustration there then :) This particular toothbrush, which claims the handset pulsates 40,000 times and rotates 8,800 times per minute to remove twice as much plaque as an ordinary manual toothbrush, can tell you that for me, this certainly seems to be the case. After just one brush using the sensitive mode and sensitive head (it came with another 2 extra heads, 'Oral-B FlossAction' head and the 'Oral-B 3D White' head) my teeth felt like glass, and my gum area certainly looked improved, even using the gentler 'Sensitive' brush head. I was a naughty girl occasionally brushing too hard, but mostly I got cheery smiles from Mr./Mrs. SmartGuide.

I can imagine that using this toothbrush over time, the health and look of my teeth and gums would be greatly improved. Having as sweet a tooth as mine it is so very important to keep those gums and teeth looking and feeling the best they can - I appreciate genetics can sometimes come into play with regards to teeth and gum health, but with the right tools to aid you, like the Oral-B Triumph 5000, it really can help prevent tooth loss, especially as 1 in 2 of all adults suffer from gum problems, which is indeed the biggest cause of tooth loss.

After going from a manual toothbrush to using this for 10 days (with a weekly polish using the whitening brush head) - I personally can see a big improvement even in this small amount of time and am proud to wear my smile. You really notice the difference and am confident my dentist shall too on my next visit. The Oral-B Triumph 5000 with SmartGuide which is recommended by dentists, has somewhat of a power price - however I have searched online and found the model much cheaper than it's rrp, in fact for less than £80. So it's definitely available for what's in my opinion a very reasonable price for such a professional product. You really do feel like you've had a mini hygienist appointment every time you brush your teeth! Definitely a product I would recommend highly.


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