Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Tradtitional Style!....

My how these summer holidays are whizzing by! I hope you are all enjoying the break if you are having one. With me having a 'big' birthday coming up, my thoughts are turning to how time is indeed flying by, memories of old and special times in my life. One very special memory I hold deep in my heart is our wedding. It shall be our 14th wedding anniversary in November and when I look back over old photographs I really am so glad we went for a classic themed look. Even nearly 14 years after our wedding photographs were taken, I feel they could have been taken yesterday, apart from me obviously looking 14 years older! 
When it comes to wedding anniversaries and any potential gift/treat for loved ones - I would always, always favour traditional over modern. For example a 'modern' gift idea for a 4th anniversary would be an appliance, yes very practical, but I know I would much prefer the traditional idea of pretty flowers :) Wedding Rings Direct, who have just launched a new vintage style collection of wedding rings and who do some gorgeous wedding sets and also have a stunning white gold collection challenged me to come up with a list of inspired gift ideas for him, her, or the special couple for the first five years of marriage. Of course, there is only one route I can go down, and that is the traditional gift idea route so here goes.
1st Wedding Anniversary - Traditional gift idea is Paper - I've chosen for her...
Who doesn't love pretty writing paper, I think a lovely gift from him to her. Especially if a love letter. When I worked abroad, missing home and loved ones, my 'husband to be' wrote me the most lovely  love letters, they really kept me going and I generally love receiveing hand writen letters from friends and family through the post. Here's an example of writing paper that I think would make a pretty wedding anniversary gift for that first year. I really like this set from Cath Kidston.
2nd Wedding Anniversary - Traditional gift idea is Cotton - I've chosen for him...
At first glance a tie may appear a little bit uninspiring and perhaps boring, but with a certain Matt Smith from Dr. Who wearing one of these - it has to be cool! And being cotton a perfect gift for the man who likes to dress with a certain panache. Oh I just love this hand crafted bow tie from Dina Malkova, the ties are made in limited numbers from vintage fabrics and packaged in a vintage style gift box made from recycled paper. As is tradition, a bow tie should be hand tied, so it too comes with instructions.
3rd Wedding Anniversary - Traditional gift idea is Leather - I've chosen for the couple...
I had to think a little on this one but came up with an idea that I think is perfect for both him and her. Presumably the couple shall have set up home, and have gathered some special momentoes from their wedding, I thought a leather vintage trunk the perfect storage gift to keep all those special memories, wedding cards, photographs, perhaps even her treasured tiarra safe. It could also even double up as a coffee table! Searching on ebay similar leather ones like this can be found for less than £30 so bit of a bargain too.
4th Wedding Anniversary - Traditional gift idea is Flowers - I've chosen for her...
Possibly my most fabvourite year for traditional gift ideas! The most obvious choice would be a beautiful hand tied bunch of in season flowers, however I always like to take a theme and put my own spin on it. Many women love clothes, fashion, dressing up, and like me many also love the floral look. Oh, who wouldnt love this pretty floral dress from their husband to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary. I love it! And it still incorporates those traditional flowers :) I love this pretty bandeau style one from Accessorize.
5th Wedding Anniversary - Traditional gift idea is Wood - I've chosen for the couple...
Wood on the face of it can be a bit tricky to think of a unique and inspiring wedding anniversary gift - so I have decided to think out of the box a little on this one. I have always wanted to have a romantic weekend away staying in a traditional wooden shepherds hut! Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but how could you not fall in love with The Bluebell Shepherds Hut near Abergavenny in Wales. Oh my goodness I would love to stay here! And what a perfect 'Wood' themed wedding aniversary treat. You even get two huts all to yourself,  'Blue' with its washing/cooking facilities and 'Belle' the relaxing and sleeping quarters.
And somewhere to leave my hat and wellies :)
So, there we are, my traditional gift ideas for those special wedding anniversary dates. I think I may have to leave this page open for the husband to see, think he may need a little inspiring. For our 13th wedding anniversary, lace being the traditional gift idea, look what he got me...
 Yes I definitely married him for his sense of humour ;)
Disclosure: Wedding Gifts Direct approached me to be involved in this inspiring gift idea challenge, and I have received payment for my time and input. All words and opinions my own.  


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