Sunday, 14 July 2013

Time For Pastures New

So the time has come that after 7 happy years, we are nearing the end of Miss. Poppins' time at primary school. I can't believe where the time has gone, in the blink of an eye she has gone from age 4 to 11! It has to be said she has enjoyed every single day at primary and I know there shall be many tears when they all say their goodbyes next week. In fact, I shall probably be needing to wear the wellies what with all my teary puddles ;) Miss. Poppins won't know anybody in her new secondary school, and although I know she is looking forward to making many new and lovely friends - the old ones shall always have a special place in her heart.

Talking of hearts, its that time of year again where I leave things far too late, run out of time and energy to go shopping, so succumb to going handmade for teachers gifts. I've included a little mini box of chocs too for each of them, but hope they like their little Thank You hearts too. My daughter shall be leaving Primary school a happy, confident, bright young girl, ready to take on new and tough challenges. So it is very much a heart felt THANK YOU to all who have inspired and encouraged her during her early school years.


So we've got plays, leavers assembly's and discos to look forward to - mixed emotions for me though, as although I know she is beginning a new and exciting chapter of her life, is living proof that my fist born is growing up. Those apron strings are getting a little looser! She'll be fine, I'll be fine and we shall spend some quality, fun loving time over summer together before the hard work really starts, and I get to wave her off  all over again to pastures new.

Sob....just a little ;) Good luck to any of your yr 6 children, may their futures be healthy and happy as they head up to 'BIG' school, have fun!!


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  1. Lovely post, my daughter also leaves primary school next week. Am filling up just thinking about it ! Cant believe where the time has gone. Have a great summer Sue x


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