Monday, 22 July 2013

Floral Bargains

The title of this post should really be Home Bargains as indeed this is where I found a couple of pretty floral treats the other day. I just love stumbling on floraly bargains from there and couldn't resist these. I have become bit of a hoarder of doormats and always like to have a brand new one hidden away when an old one has seen better days. Oh, how I fell in love with this floral rose one and a bargaintastic £2.99.

It looked like it was the last one on the shelf so I quickly picked it up, and claimed it as my own! How delighted was I to then stumble across these pretty floral hand towels, again at only £2.99 each. I just loved the white floral one and thought very Cath Kidston looking...

The blue hand towel I thought very Pip Studio esque, so I quickly grabbed one of those too. I shall certainly be going back to Home Bargains for the larger floral bath towels and again a very reasonable £5.99 for those.

I couldn't wait to get them in their rightful place at home and there was certainly one member of the family who felt right at home on the floral mat!

And the towels look just perfect in the bathroom, creating that lovely vintage look I love so much...

So, next time you pop into Home Bargains if you have one near you, you must check out the florals, and having purchased my three cheery finds for less than £10, I was delighted!


  1. I always find some fabulous bargains there!

  2. We're lucky to have 3 Home bargains near by so if one sells out I can easily go another. B&M is local too and does lots of lovely things.


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