Monday, 10 June 2013

Party Time At Chill Factore

We all love a party in the Poppins household and no one as much as Miss. Poppins!

When she was invited by Chill Factore to be the guest of honor at one of their fun snow parties she couldn't wait to say yes and began to excitedly write out her invitations to some of her closest school friends. She was invited along to give a little review of what she thought it was like to have a party at Chill Factore and of course all her friends were to give their opinion too. As mum, I quietly observed but can let you know so much fun was had and I would definitely recommend considering holding your birthday party at Chill Factore.

There are various party packages on offer at Chill Factore, including different snow activities etc. Miss. Poppins party package included, hire of helmets and snow boots for all the children, 1 hour of tubing and food and drink afterwards. As she had not had a birthday party this time around, it was decided as well as an 'End of Sats' party for her and all of her friends, it would also be her belated birthday party. All her invited guests, 9 of them were as excited as she was about the upcoming event.

On arrival we were greeted by our friendly and efficient party host who explained thoroughly the plans for the party. She then accompanied everyone to the changing village, where the children changed into their pre picked snow boots and helmets. As soon as everyone was ready, our party host took us all onto the snow for their activity. Being the party host parents, both Mr. P and I were assigned the roles of  'Party Helper' and we were allowed on the snow to oversee the activity. Oh boy, they did have fun!!

Being mostly 10 and 11 year olds, the tubing was a perfect activity for them to do, fun, exhilarating, and they got to show their slightly competitive side as many a race was had between two friends. One down the new bumpy slope, and one down the straight but fast one. The two party hosts at the top of the snow hill, were great at pushing them down.

"Faster, faster" they all shouted and the party hosts really were fantastic with the excitable children. Health and safety was adhered to at all times, and felt 100% confident that all the children were in very safe hands. It can seem quite a long way up...

Of course Mr. Poppins had to try out the goods for himself, and you can just see him sneaking in at the back of the party crew on the walkway...

Even after an hour the children could have kept going, they really were having so much fun, but the mention of hot pizza and fries got them eager for something warm to eat. However, Miss. Poppins couldn't resist one last go!

Our party host took us back to the changing village to take our boots and helmets off, and then showed us the way to the restaurant for the food. The food was perfect ( I had to taste test of course) for a group of hungry pre-teens, and served by some super friendly staff. Ice cream for afters and a little birthday cake, made for a wonderful party, her guests all gave the thumbs up and many who hadn't been to Chill Factore before, were eager to go back another day and perhaps try out a new snow activity. I know we shall certainly be going back very soon for some more fun in the snow at Chill Factore!


Disclosure: Miss. P and 9 guests received a complimentary party package, including one snow activity, helmet and boot hire and food and drinks for the purposes of this blog post. All words and opinions our own.      

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