Sunday, 23 June 2013

C.P. Hart ~ The Perfect Bathroom Challenge

Being a keen fan of home décor, when C.P. Hart, one of the UK's leading bathroom retailers and suppliers of bespoke and luxury bathrooms challenged me to design my perfect bathroom, I couldn't wait to get involved. The idea was to set up a mood board, or in my case a pinterest board, and based on a blank canvas of one of C. P. Hart's bathroom suites, to design a bathroom I would love to relax and unwind in. The winning design ~ judged by the team at C.P. Hart, will be rendered into a 3D image, featured on the website and included in the 2014 brochure. C.P. Hart have some really gorgeous bathroom design ideas and there is lots of choice for me to select my favourite 'pins' for my pinterest board. Although C.P. Hart do some wonderful modern bathrooms I knew straight away I wanted a vintage style bathroom and enthusiastically began pinning. I loved this vintage-esque image taken from the website, and used it as my inspiration.

When it came to creating a mood board for my perfect bathroom, I first thought of some words to help inspire me. I came up with:
Vintage: I just love all things old fashioned and for me creating a vintage look had to form part of my challenge, I find a vintage look creates that personal, individual touch.
Floral:  Whether it be fresh flowers, a floral painting, or even some floral towels, I knew there had to be some flowers in there.
Light:  I love a clean crisp background and think makes a perfect backdrop for some stunning accessories, a light, airy white bathroom with splashes of colour here and there is my perfect style.
Inviting:  I believe every room in a home should be inviting and whenever any guest enters it, immediately feels at home and inspired by the room. A bathroom is a perfect room to create a  calming and tranquil place, where everyone feels relaxed. 
And so began the pinning! I  loved the old fashioned style of this 'London' high level pan and cistern toilet, where I seem to remember a similar style at my infant school and would love one in my vintage bathroom.

The bath, oh this beautiful bath! *Drool. It took my fancy straight away, and I would indeed feel like quite the princess relaxing in this gorgeous free standing roll top bath.

Of course there has to be a pretty sink and this vintage style 'London' basin caught my eye.

When it came to flooring, I have always had these Cath Kidston vinyl tiles on my wish list and think a perfect match for my perfect bathroom look.

And who could resist a pretty bathrobe on the bathroom door...

Or some tongue and groove around the bathroom walls.

So, my pinterest board is coming along nicely and I am enjoying creating my perfect bathroom challenge mood board, just wish it was going to be the real thing. Oh well, a girl can dream, that's what pinterest is for ;)


Disclosure: C.P.Hart approached me to be involved in this design collaboration. All words and opinions my own.


  1. How amazing! We are just about to relocate a small bathroom into a much bigger room here and apart from the addition of a perfect chair to lounge in, your pictures could have been taken from my mood board. So of course I have to say I love it so far. Good Luck.

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