Monday, 20 May 2013

Annie Sloan & A Little Bit Of Everything Else

Oh my ~ what a blogging break I've had! It can however be very therapeutic in my opinion to recharge the blogging batteries at times, and real life of course can often get in the way of this blogging lark. Also, I am a real fan of Instagram and have been spending lots of my spare time over there. So, what have I been up to. Well, mostly painting actually. I am really enjoying broadening my love of refurbishing old and pre-loved furniture. I seem to have developed a deep love affair with Annie Sloan paints and although it is certainly not a 'budget' paint, I just can't seem to get enough of it!

I've been quite safe up to now, having only used subtle colours from her range, blues, whites, creams, greys...I am however slowly venturing onto the more dramatic hue's and having found my own method of applying it (I mix it with the tiniest bit of water) it really has been a dream to use. I have even sold some pieces which has been great for confidence and my little piggy (to buy more paint) bank ;)

Here's a very small selection of pieces I've painted, all beforehand very much needing some TLC and a shiny new coat.

These pretty wooden magazine racks in pink and blue, are lined with summery wallpaper.

I really like the way this old telephone table has turned out.

 Cute 'distressed' kitchen stool, painted in my new love 'Provence.

I really like how a simple frame can be brought to life with a new coat of paint.

Having enjoyed painting with 'Provence', I decided to paint this intricate iron work garden set, I really love it!

I liked this Lloyd Loom set very much and knew I had to have it, even in its pre-loved state.

Both pieces were a little tatty around the edges so I have made a start painting the chair, choosing a subtle pink and have delved into my fabric stash to choose a fabric I am going to cover the original sprung seat with. I think it shall look very pretty when its all finished.

Here's a modern chair I have given the shabby chic look to, and with a new fabric covered seat.

I am nearly finished on the art deco dressing table that was a little shabby looking to begin with.

Quick snapshot whilst the paint is drying.

There's now always a piece ready to be given a new lease of life in the Poppins household, these are in the queue ready and waiting.

Urmmmm, I have four of these oak topped farmhouse tables to do!.

 I have am always wanting to be aware of new and various painting techniques and styles, so I went on an Annie Sloan painting workshop that was great fun.

We were all given a little wooden heart to paint in our own choice of colour, which was a nice touch and made for a lovely keepsake. I decided to go for it and practice using a more dramatic colour than I would normally do. I painted it white first and then sanded back in certain areas for a distressed look.

We were also given wooden boards to practice techniques and various ways to use the Annie Sloan paints and waxes.

I can't wait to try out some of new techniques at home on real life pieces of furniture, and am looking forward to finding out more about the advanced course. 

One day, during my blogging break I decided to sort through my vintage glasswear in readiness to sell, oh boy, I didn't realise how much I had collected over the years. It all looked very pretty displayed prettily on the table.

I'm still keeping crafty with my sewing, and have really enjoyed making little pretties for people. 

I've also become a big fan of making these little daisy brooches too, in various pretty fabrics, I think perfect to decorate spring and summer outfits.

A while ago I was set a crafty challenge courtesy of Abakhan I made a little skirt for Miss. Poppins with this adorable camper van fabric.

I couldn't resist personalising a little t-shirt for her too.

And here she is at the beach with Master Poppins wearing the said outfit, she loves it!

I try and do something crafty, even if only a teeny tiny something everyday, good for soul in my opinion, and whilst I was supposed to be spring cleaning I got a little distracted with a candle, some vintage sheet music and a little doily. Cute I thought.

I still have a big passion for second hand shops, even with their big price increases that make me grrrr a little bit, especially when a second hand item is priced at a figure more than it would have cost new. Anyway I have to pop in when walking past any. This vintage wedding dress caught my eye, Oh how I loved it!!

What else caught my eye, and the little Poppins whilst we were on a little walk was witnessing a beautiful and very magnificent starling dance. We were literally awestruck, if you've ever seen the starlings in action, you'll understand the magic we felt.

So, that's about it for now, a little round up of what we've been up to. Its a 'big' birthday for me in the summer, am trying not to think about it too much, although going for a vintage theme to my little garden party I'm organising, I think it may just be a fun old young day :))


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