Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas At Poundland!

Oh my, where is the time going? I think my real life 'to do' lists are stretching sooooo long that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat of late. Especially at this time of year I really love reading other people's festive blog posts near Christmas so am hoping to get my Christmas blogging hat on. Talking of Christmas, a little while ago Poundland who have a blog were inviting customers to apply and offer their services to become a Poundland Ambassador. Well I couldn't resist applying, especially as I have purchased many a pretty and useful item from Poundland and indeed is a store where many a bargain can be found. Soon I was told that I was to become one of their Ambassadors and I was to take part in monthly challenges to share my experiences of the store, goods purchased, and general customer service. My children like it there too, and I occasionally offer them a little pocket money to pop in and choose some £1 items. I wanted to include them very much in these challenges.

Here are all the ambassadors involved....


This months challenge was of course focused on Christmas and we were to purchase items from many of their different ranges on offer. So with a £20 gift voucher in my purse I made my way to the store for this months Christmas challenge. I was to pick at least two Christmas inspired items from these Poundland ranges....

Christmas Wrapping & Accessories 
Christmas Gifts (Adult)
Christmas Stocking Fillers (Children)
Christmas Party (Beauty/Clothing)
Christmas Tree Decorations
Christmas General Decorations
Christmas Table Decorations
Christmas Sweets
Christmas Homeware

The two extra items left over could be purchased from any of the ranges. Of course the children wanted to head straight over to the sweet isle ;) 

Well they had to pick Santa didn't they ;)

Then it was on to Christmas wrapping and accessories. These cute, vintage inspired labels caught my eye and in the basket they went....

I must have chosen wisely as later on that evening whilst reading one of my house-y magazines, there they were as a top item to buy this Christmas....

I also picked out some pretty Christmas ribbon and bows that I knew would coordinate nicely with my Christmas wrapping paper already purchased.... 

Christmas gifts chosen for the adults were this pretty trinket box and iphone cover....

I chose the cute Christmas stocking fillers for the children as a surprise, I just loved the cute light up brooches.... 

Next up it was beauty and clothing. I am finding in this bitterly cold weather my hands need a bit of tlc so chose something to make those hands of mine look as best they can at Christmas festivities....  

We had great fun picking decorations for the tree and these beautiful butterflies came away with us...

 I am going a little different this year and where normally I would opt for a red/green/gold traditional theme for our tree, I am going very girly and colourful. So lots of pinks, blues, silvers and I can't wait to get decorating the tree that we purchased over the weekend. For general decorations we decided to include our two extra's as well, so our 4 items were this cute little snowman decoration....

 Oh we love him and I have seen very similar items in other stores that cost much more than a pound. Then Miss. Poppins wanted a little Chrismas tree for by her bed and when she saw this one for a £1 she knew it would be perfect. She can't wait to get decorating it....

She also saw these cute dog window stickers, how could I say no. TOO CUTE....

Our final choice from the general range was one I picked and I thought would go perfectly with my colourful and girly theme this year....

I love a pretty table at christmas and I do like a traditional feel to it, so from their table wear range I opted for 2 of these charger plates in a lovely Christmas red....(more were indeed bought by myself)

For our final 2 items from homeware, we picked a useful roaster tray and some festive tea towels....

So in my opinion we chose a really good variety of Christmas items and I think a great Christmas stash for only £20....

 I am really pleased with the items and so far the quality is really good. The shopping experience itself was quite fun, and staff were helpful when I asked about their different ranges etc. Some may point their nose up a little at 'bargain stores' such as Poundland and the like, but as we all know, money doesn't grow on tress and I for one am never shy of hunting out that next bargain ;) They also have a great Pinterest page that can be found here


Disclosure: We were provided with a Poundland shopping voucher to the value of £20 for the purposes of this blog post. Many other items from Poundland were also purchased by myself.


  1. What a lot for £20! I bought the tags too ...

    Claire xx

    1. The tags are great aren't they! I may have gone back for more ;) x

  2. An excellent haul for twenty quid!
    I hope they still have those gift tags at our local store, they're lovely!
    Z xx

    1. I agree and, couldn't resist popping even more in the basket for myself too ;) x

  3. Wow, great buys Mary! I love Poundland!

    1. Yes always have a little nip in when I find myself walking past :) x

  4. I love Poundland. I always get my stocking fillers at Christmas from there.


    1. There really were some great stocking fillers there, I agree :) x

  5. I'm a poundland fan too!! Love a bargain. I love those gift tags. I'm going to get some of those the next time I'm out shopping. x

    1. Hurry up! ;)) There weren't many left when i popped back k to get more ;) They are lush :) x

  6. Inalways bob in to poundland when passing. You're right, money doesnt grow on trees, we cant all afford to be snooty about bargain shops!

    1. Agreed. I have found some great bargains there, quality has been fine and have certainly saved a penny or two x


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