Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Vintage Kitchen - Guest Post

Please welcome  a John Lewis guest blogger who, like me, loves sharing wonderful tips and advice on creating the perfect vintage/shabby chic interior. Today they shall be introducing a selection of state-of-the-art gadgets into your carefully curated kitchen, that don't have to mean conspicuous chrome or prominent plastic and explains how you can use electronic items to enhance your vintage décor.    

Radio Revival
They've been making radios for over 80 years, so Roberts have a rich heritage on which to draw design inspiration. Their popular DAB radio Revival range combines the best of both worlds, boasting state-of-the-art technology wrapped up in covetable coloured shells and complete with retro handles. The Fifties style products come in a variety of post-war pastel shades perfect for the kitchen, as well as richer war-time hues, Union Jack designs and kitsch prints courtesy of Cath Kidston. Orla Kiely has also worked her design magic on the Pure Evoke Mio DAB radio, which features the Irish designer’s trademark stem print, plus a handy kitchen timer.

Cool Contraptions
That most practical of electrical goods – the humble fridge freezer – can also help make a style statement in your kitchen. Smeg’s retro Americana-style fridges have become commonplace in interior magazine spreads. With handles reminiscent of Cadillac doors, sleek rounded edges and colour pallettes to suit any stylish scheme, these not-so-white goods can form the focal point of your entertaining area. Choose from cheery red, lime green, pastel pink or even a Union Jack design – the perfect partners for your Roberts Revival radio. And they make equally pretty washing machines too!

Mix It Up
Finally, a fun yet functional food mixer can help brighten up your work surfaces and enrich your Mid-Century modern or Fifties floral theme. Look to Kitchenaid and Assistent for vintage-inspired food processors in shades straight out of a 1950’s ice cream parlour, or inject bright pops of colour, such as retro red, canary yellow or lime green, with bold Boden and Magimix blenders. Now you just have to make dishes that are equally appealing…

All products featured available at John Lewis at the time of writing.

Disclosure: In publishing this guest post I received a shopping voucher for John Lewis.  


  1. Great choices, I have the Cath Kidston DAB in my Kitchen and love it, my dream purchase would be a smeg and I one day plan to own one, as do I a magimix.
    plus I love John Lewis

  2. That radio is amazing! Hattie, @peppermintplace xo

  3. Love the radio! Soothes my dog www.jugdog.co.uk


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