Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Vtriker Elite - Review....

With Christmas already on the minds of many, especially the children, now is a super opportunity to try out a couple of products that were provided for us to review. I myself am thinking of suitable, affordable items for my own children this Christmas, so we were keen to try them out. First up we have the Vtriker Elite a 3-Wheel scooter which is available  in black, blue, pink and green. It is a great way to keep children happy and active. The Vtriker is the perfect opportunity for children to get some exercise, and I for one would rather my children be outdoors and in the fresh air. It arrived pretty much assembled in the box and was up and ready to go in no time. Although the product remains focused on being suitable for the children, not the adults, it was hard not to have a little test drive ;)

The Vtriker Elite which is a pedal and battery free ride, is for the older child with a suggested age range of 7-14 years. There is also the mini version available for the 3-6 year olds. The Vtriker scooter is in a 'V' shape, with one foot having to be placed on each side. The unique design enables the rider to push their feet in and outwards while their feet are still stationary on the feet platforms and off you go. It really is an active ride as you use the movement of you body to speed the Vtriker along. There are three riding styles, the Scissor, where you move your feet in and out to build speed. Skate, where you twist your body one way whist pushing your opposite foot out. And the Slalom, where you move your feet and body to one side as you steer the other way. With the pivoting wheels it gives the scooter maximum maneuverability. It really is a great full body work out. Here is a little taster of what it can do with a girl of a similar age to Miss. Poppins strutting her stuff on it....

Miss. Poppins loves it, it is a great product that I would definitely give the thumbs up for. Accompanied by me she has been to the local park that has a soft surface with it and I can see many of her friend's eyeing it up ;) It should be ridden on a smooth surface away from vehicles and not to be ridden at night in poorly lit areas. The Vtriker can be purchased from Amazon and I for one can't wait for an adult version ;) We shall be looking at what fun we all had with the Splitster next time.


Disclosure: We were provided with a Vtriker Elite Scooter for the purposes of this blog post. All opinions and words my own.

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