Monday, 17 September 2012


Well for one reason and another this last month or so has been a bit stressy. I wish I was a bit better at dealing with stuff that life throws at you, and I could just turn my cheek, take a deep breath and smile. Unfortunately stress can take on a bigger role than I would ideally like in my life, but hey ho I am learning lots of skills to deal with it, and when it pops it's head up, says a big HELLO to me I am getting better at waving it goodbye. They do say a little stress keeps us on our toes. I find these words very helpful and thought I would share them as these tips certainly help me when life feels like it is getting a little bit stressy.... 



  1. Some good points in there - Im stressed out of my head more often than not, so I shall be trying as many of these as I can. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love those points, i think im going to stick a print out up on my fridge right beside Dorothy Parkers Resume (which helps me to see it isn't so bad)
    I really do love that, thank you so much for sharing.
    And i do hope that things work out better,whatever they may be.


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