Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pants In the Park!....

I always like to support great causes and as prostate disease is something that has very much affected my own family, I was more than happy to help spread the word about something special. Pants In The Park where on 22 September 2012 London's Battersea Park will be jam packed with superheroes in their pants. Everyone shall be taking part in a 5km family fun run parading their superhero pants on top of their clothes, all in aid of prostate disease research. The fun run, held in aid of prostate disease charity Prostate Action shall enable families from all over the U.K. to get together and what better way to draw peoples attention than by wearing your own personalised pants for the occasion. Well, we couldn't wait to get decorating ours....

The children and I had fun and I think the pants turned out rather fetching indeed. I did laugh when the children started gluing feathers in certain areas though ;) 

All we needed was a willing superhero to wear said pants and that of course was me....

I was more than proud to wear my pants and although I won't be able to make it to Battersea Park I shall certainly be parading around in my superhero pants on the day....

There is in my opinion not enough awareness of prostate disease in the U.K. even though it affects thousands of men each year. Hopefully Pants In The Park can help to spread the message and by parading their personalised pants, men, women and children can do their bit to help raise awareness for prostate research and education. 

Wear your pants with pride :) 


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  1. Looks like great fun! Only you could get away with feathery pants on top of your jeans!


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