Monday, 10 September 2012

Groupon Review....

I am someone who is signed up to, but has never purchased anything via Groupon when the opportunity arose for me to review the 'deal of the day' website, I was more than keen to see how things work and whether the website would be one I would recommend to my own family and friends. I know my own brother uses the website lots and has taken up some fantastic offers, so I wanted to see for myself if it is indeed a great website, simple to use and easy to understand. Basically Groupon is a website that features discount vouchers that are redeemable with many companies. If a certain number of people sign up to a particular offer the 'deal is on' and you can go ahead and buy your voucher, deals are only open for a very short time as a clock ticks away and keeps you updated as to how long you have left to purchase the voucher.  As somewhat of a thrifter I am always on the look out for a bargain, and so this website would interest me and if something came up that I truly needed, or wanted to try out, and had been on the lookout for, I would definitely use the service.  

I was given a voucher code to redeem and in fact there were many offers that came up that were very tempting but I wanted to hold out until something came up that I really needed. Then after a while something did indeed come up that we were very much in need of.....

A bin....

It may not sound very exciting but we are having so much fun using it. It isn't just any old bin but one of these infra-red ones, where the lid automatically opens and closes when you go to pop the rubbish in. Master Poppins thinks it is just the best thing ever, very nearly as exciting as a Tardis. We had been struggling with bags for so long, a previous bin had broke and so when this in my eyes fantastic offer came up, I just had to go for it. Soon the 'deal was on' and I could purchase my voucher. This bin has an RRP of £150 and is  online at this price ( must be quite a posh bin ). The Groupon voucher was available to purchase for £49.00, and as my Groupon code was worth a maximum of £50 I went for it and purchased the voucher. 

Everything after that was very straight forward, when the deal ended I was emailed my special voucher code to go ahead and purchase the bin off the corresponding website for the total cost of £49, a saving of £101. I did have to pay postage costs myself, and this is something to bear in mind when purchasing your voucher that postage and packaging is sometimes not included. I could track the delivery and very soon the bin arrived. Truth be known it is one fabulous gadget. We are not really big gadget people here, no fancy televisions the size of a house etc, so to have quite a smart bin like this is about as exciting as it gets ;) 

I would have to say my experience of Groupon is certainly a positive one. There are many daily offers and I even have the Groupon app on my phone so I can see all the updates. I would indeed recommend the website to my friends and family, and with some great savings to be had is well worth a looksy.

I was provided with a redeemable £50 Groupon voucher for the purposes of this review post. All opinions and words my own. Postage and Packaging costs were paid by myself.    


  1. I've used Groupon too, and found them extremely good, very efficient ... like your bin! xx

    1. Thanks for commenting, yes I think Groupon certainly has its place and super website. The bin is just the niftiest gadget ;) xx

  2. I am abit of a groupon addict. I brought quite a few vouchers whilst planning a trip to london that we used once we where there. Chocolate tours and meals for bargain prices! xx

    1. Katie that sounds fabulous! I think Groupon works well when you choose something you really need, or want to try out. Chocolate tours would certainly be something I would like to try out ;) xx


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