Friday, 17 August 2012

I'm In Style At Home Magazine

As I mentioned  here I was looking forward to the September edition of Style At Home magazine coming out and having a nose at my little role in there as a 'Stylist at Home'. Miss. Poppins took great fun and enjoyment in wafting the magazine about in our local supermarket when she spied me in there. I really loved the prettiness of the page in my first little mention.

I was sent images of a selection of cushions and I had to pick my favourite. It wasn't hard too choose as I just loved the retro style of the vintage camera one....

Next it was onto commenting on a reader's home, and then on a smart Magnet kitchen....

Finally it was a lovely 'Bathe in beauty' article for me to offer my thoughts on. I really liked the idea of the pebble soap drainer....

It was a fun little role and I would definitely do something like this again. There may be one or two copies left on the shelves this month, just in case you find yourself in the supermarket and want a nose.



  1. I get this mag on subscription and had forgotton you were featuring in it! Plus I didnt put two and two together and recognise you! Will have to re-read that section! lol!

  2. I picked this up in the supermarket yesterday, but put it down. I wish I brought it now! Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to pick up a copy tomorrow xxx

  3. How fab! Would love to do that ... Will have to go and see if I can get one

    Claire xx

  4. Too bad I can't buy it over here! Congratulations!

  5. Get you Mrs Poppins! How fabulous!
    Will have to go & purchase a copy now....
    Bet it is oodles of fun though!


  6. That is so exciting - well done you! Will trry to find a copy. XX


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