Friday, 20 July 2012

Trunki Comes To London With Us

This week I have been in London with Master Poppins for company and a fair bit of our time was spent on tubes and trains. I knew I would need some super and practical luggage for all our odds and ends and so I would like to introduce you to the Trunki Ride-on Trixie   

As during travel all our belongings would have to be with us, I thought this ride-on children's suitcase that was sent for us to see what we thought of it ideal. I just love the hot pink, and I may had a little influence in helping the children decide which Trunki we would try out ;) Actually even Master P doesn't mind a little  pink accessory here and there and loves his cool hot pink boys belt....

So we packed up everything we would need for our two days ( one night ) stay over and shared the little case with a side for him and a side for me....

I couldn't believe how generous the inside was and everything I needed for our little jaunt fitted in quite comfortably. There are even fabric pockets for all those little things. Of course the most practical reason to use this super this little case for our journey was that Master Poppins could ride on it, I could pull it, and it comes with both handle straps and long straps which made carrying it if I needed to so easy. Master P just loved riding on it but zoomed past so fast I couldn't get a decent photograph, he especially loved pulling it himself too.

Here he is on our first day in London....   

He loved Trixie so much he didn't really want to let her go....

And she even came to play with him at Rainbow Park which was so pretty with all it's different coloured sand....

She behaved herself on the tube, though during crush rush hour on one of our journey's at one point she did get trapped in the doors as they were quickly closing on her. I gave a yank to set her free and she seemed quite unscathed by her ordeal....

I wouldn't recommend doing this as at the end of a day it is a child not an adult ride on, but I just had to park my derrière on it during a very busy train journey to London Bridge and she coped remarkably well....

We were on our way to a photoshoot for Master Poppins and Trixie Trunki made her way over Waterloo Bridge and onto Covent Garden. I happend to have been invited to a Christmas press event held in Covent Garden ( more about that soon ) so on our way to Master Poppins' photoshoot we did a little detour, again Trixie came with us. I especially enjoyed meeting celeb hairdresser Lee Stafford....

As we were a bit pushed for time we didn't stay too long and we made our way onwards again. More tube journey's, more overground train journey's and more walking. I have to say this super little case did us proud and made what could have been a very awkward journey had there been lots of different bags etc to carry very easy. When away again I shall definitely take her. Of course I have to remember it is for the children but would love one for my very self too, such fun little things. Master P made one little point that he would have liked little retractable foot rests to pop out of sides of the front wheels so he could rest his feet whilst I pulled him along. I think he is getting a little diva-ish in his old age but actually I can see his point, that would be a super idea for the children. The Trunki gets a definite thumbs up from us, and I would heartily recommend a Trunki for your little ones travels. 

I couldn't help but share this snapshot with you that I took of Master P 'off set' on one of his photoshoots whilst we were in London. His pretend sister was just the sweetest little thing....

Disclosure :  We were provived with one Trunki child's suitcase for the purposes of this review. all words and opinions are my own.


  1. I love Trunkis! Unfortunately my children are too old for them now but I know they would have loved them.
    I pop over here for a read every now and then btw but I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment. My name is Natalie and I popped over today to let you know about a giveaway I’m having on my blog. I’ve neglected it a lot lately and to celebrate me getting back on track I’m doing a little giveaway and thought maybe you’d like to enter. Details can be found here:

    Good luck xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Natalie, I shall head over to your giveaway and thanks for letting me know all about it x

  2. Oh they look like Little White Company PJ's.....
    My freind has a trunki - sadly my two are a smidge too big for one.

    Glad you had fun.


    1. Ha ha yes you clever thing! They are indeed LWC PJ's ;)) xx

  3. I love Trunki's, but somehow think I'm too old for my own!
    Please see my blog for pictures of the handmade heart swap.

    1. Thanks Rachel, I am really enjoying what everyone has made, heading right over :) xx


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