Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Speedo Tastic

Speedo is a brand that one instantly associates with swimming, which is something when I get the opportunity to do, I love. I was more than keen to review a costume from Simply Swim's Speedo swimming costumes  range and enjoyed my browse selecting a costume that I thought in keeping with my style and what would be a practical choice to swim in. I have to say I had thought speedo fashion not really my thing, but I was so impressed with the range and there are even one or two in my favourite pink, infact this one really took my fancy....

As it is, I am kind of a bikini gal, and with the hot weather ( which feels so long ago now ) I thought I would be brave and choose a two piece set that as well as having a good swim in it, I could also wear it to relax around the garden in. It didn't take long for me to choose one from their beach range, I really liked the look of it so went for this one which I thought pretty too.

I think the two tone colour way very stylish and the fact it has a little of my favourite pink in their an extra bonus. The bikini top I thought especially lovely, with it's trendy 'T' shape. It looked really sporty and when it arrived I couldn't wait to try it on. The first thing I noticed is how very, very comfortable it is. Some swim suits can dig in here and there, though this is a delight to wear and I think looks just as delightful too. The size is spot on and I just love the contrast pink waistband. I can't wait to wear it on my next swim, it has a super high quality feel to it and I can imagine wears really well in the water. I did take it on holiday over half term, and on one of the warmer days I wore just the bikini top with a pair of shorts in the garden. 

Am not quite brave enough to do a proper share of me in the speedo bikini...But I was just brave enough to share the lovely bikini top....

And that stylish 'T' shape....

I just love the hint of pink and look forward to packing it when I next go swimming and also popping it in my holiday beach bag. It really is one versatile bikini that I think looks really good too.


Disclosure: I was sent one Speedo two piece bikini for the purposes of this blog post. 


  1. Mary!
    You've gone from a meal to a swimsuit in your posts...
    I'll have to stick to my Burkini for now, whilst wishing I was slimmer, as they are rather nice!

  2. These look very comfortable, sexy and the colours are really nice.

    bikini swimsuit


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