Friday, 15 June 2012

Handmade Heart Swap Update

This weather is getting a little depressing isn't it. I am a hold the sunshine in your heart and everything shall shine kind of girl, but this weather is just too much and I am craving the sun again. The sun always comes along to tease us, and then runs away, back behind the clouds before you know it. We have an exciting weekend planned here that the little Poppins are involved in, and even just dry weather would be lovely jubbly. I shall keep my fingers tightly crossed.

So, I just wanted to do a quick update to hope that you are all happy crafters any of you that have signed up for the Handmade Heart Swap I can't wait to see what you have all made or thrifted. A couple of photographs have been popped onto the Flickr group and they are just beautiful. Seeing those and making these lavender hearts a couple of days ago for some very special people has certainly got me in the mood for crafting for my heart swap partner.

So I hope you have all hooked up with each other and I think we shall have to link up at swap time, as I don't want to miss anyone's photographs :)

Happy Crafting....



  1. oh i know what you mean about the weather i think its starting to depress everyone!
    I've managed 3 makes so far for my swap partner really must get going to finish the rest :)
    Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Hi Mary! I've sent off my parcel to my partner today. Seeing these beautiful makes is so inspiring!!Yours and Bianca's are amazing!!!! Oh well, hope you are having a nice day

  3. Wow those hearts are so beautiful.

  4. Lovely hearts!!!!!
    Have a nice day my dear!!!!

  5. Oh no!
    I missed this whilst on a Blogging Break, so now playing catch-up with your posts, what a lovely idea Mrs. I'm all for a bit of hearty love!
    However, i will look forward to seeing the posts.



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