Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sunshine And Happiness

The sun is shining, hearts are lifted and I really think this weather puts people in much better mood's don't you. I for one love digging out lovely summery outfits in this weather ( I don't do winter very well, cover myself up head to toe in drab attire ) and so the sight of the sun just makes me want to do a happy dance all day. We started off the day with breakfast in the garden....

Then I needed to finish off a couple of little sewing projects for presents....

And now hopefully we are off to the beach. I chose to wear my favourite summer-y sandals from primark....

And I can't wait to go have some family fun and I look forward to popping back here tomorrow to let you know who your swap partners are for the Handmade Heart Swap I ( and with help from Miss. Poppins ) have had fun pairing you up, which I have to say has mostly been done randomly and am excited to have one or two international folks signing up too. The swap signing up is open for one more day so please feel free to comment on that post if you would like to join in.

Happy Sunshine-y day to you all....



  1. Love your sunny outfit! Enjoy the beach!

  2. I LoVe you outfit, especially the flip-flops! I've just signed up for your swap, I hope I'm not too late,
    Victoria xx

  3. You are looking lovely! Enjoy your day at the beach!

  4. Those are the cutest sandels! Hope you had a lovely day at the beach.We were there today and the tide was right out.We walked along the sand with our toes(or in Bella's case...paws) in the water all the way. :0)


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