Friday, 18 May 2012

Milk Bottles And Straws

There has been mucho chatter on twitter this week about my love of these sweet little milk bottles I purchased from dotcomgiftshop They had been out of stock for a while and I couldn't wait to get my hands on them, they reminded me so much of my time at infant school, where I was given out a daily dose of milk in what I can only describe as ickle milk bottles. As soon as they came back in stock I grabbed 'em, don't you think they are just the cutest.... 

They come with their very own milk bottle crate and I think they have many uses, little teeny vases, perfect for wedding displays and parties, I would even drink champagne from them ;) For me, for now, I love the idea of them being used for good old fashioned milk, and the sentimental attachment I have with them makes it extra special. Of course you need straws, and not just any old straws but the coolest, retro, stripe, paper ones.... 

I did alot of research in purchasing said straws, sad but true. I found they can vary in price and quality a bit and although I really fancied the pink stripe I couldn't find them anywhere or had sold out in many places. I think retro red is pretty cool though. These were from Papermash a lovely little website. I wondered what Master Poppins would think of having his daily milk ( albeit at home ) in an ickle milk bottle, and at the same age I remember having my own at school. Well he loves it....

And I am sure the milk tastes extra good being drunk from one of these don't you ;)



  1. Adorable. I love those bottles!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. We didn't have the fabulous red and white striped straws when we were at primary school, what I remember is little pink see-through ones. I'm going to get me some of those ickle bottles! xxx


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