Thursday, 17 May 2012

Craft Challenge With Abakhan

When I heard Abakhan were looking for some crafty bloggers to take on a craft challenge, I couldn't wait to get in touch with them and hear more about it. The idea was for crafters to showcase what items can be made on a reasonably low budget, and lets face it, not many of us have mucho extra cash floating about in this current climate. I am one who also likes to get as much as I can out of my hard earned pennies. Abakhan kindly signed me up and I found myself heading over to their website with a £15 credit to spend....

I love shopping for haberdashery, fabrics and trimmings etc and it is never a chore for me so I had great fun choosing what items I would get with my £15, and also what I would make. I first decided on a theme for my makes and of course it had to be the Queen's Jubilee. After some very careful planning and choosing, all in all for my £15 I purchased 27, yes 27 separate items. I made sure I spent every single penny and was delighted at what arrived....

I chose....
1 metre UJ fabric
3 squares of felt ( red, white, blue )
4 UJ buttons
3 plain buttons ( red,white,blue)
UJ ribbon
Stripe ribbon (red,white,blue)
Ric rac (red,white,blue)
White elastic
Pom pom trim ( red)
Jubilee lacing cord ( red,white,blue)
White cotton tape
Spun paper balls (8)
Cotton thread (white)

A really inspiring selection I thought for the Jubilee celebrations, and I wanted to make some little items for all my family to enjoy on Jubilee day. Many of the items were purchased within Abakhan's Great Britain section and being the thrifty gal I am, one or two items were at clearance prices too. Firstly I made some traditional Union Jack bunting and as the print in the UJ fabric I purchased was quite large I cut out some rectangles and sewed them along the white cotton tape. I was really pleased with it and I have to say is already up in my home, helping us get in the jubilee mood....

 Next up I wanted to make a pretty UJ inspired necklace with the spun balls, so quickly wizzed up a fabric tube with a long piece of the UJ fabric, popped each spun ball in, tied a knot and so on and so on until I was left with this little number....

I love it, and it really does add a splash of colour to my outfit. Miss. Poppins decided she would like a special little bag to carry her things around in when she goes to her Jubilee party at school and was eager to make it herself. Using some of the UJ fabric, UJ ribbon for the handles and the red pom pom trim for some pretty detailing, I was very proud when she came up with this....

I wanted to make a pretty and colourful corsage for my mum, and so with some of the red, white and blue felt, and one of the UJ buttons, I made this generous sized one....

And what did Master P want, a little tooth pouch. He lost his first milk tooth not long ago and seems to have many wobbly ones right now and he wanted a little bag/pouch to put the next one in. So it rests on his bedside table awaiting the next tooth....

And for the man of the house, he simply asked for one of these....


So with not a big budget at all, many crafty things can be made and I have yet to use up all the craft ingredients. I have more ideas of what to make and I really am a fan of Abakhan, in fact I remember going with my own mum when I was a little girl, so if you are indeed of a crafty nature you should head over and see what they have to offer in store and online. .


Disclosure: I was given a £15 credit to spend on Abakhan's website for the purposes of this blog post. 


  1. Wow, I can't believe you managed to make so many different things from those supplies. You are so creative.

    1. Thanks, I even used my last 2p on a button ;) It is amazing what you can actually get if you look hard and keep to a budget, thanks for commenting :)

  2. Hey, that's brilliant! I love this, what a brilliant challenge! Well done you!!!

    1. Thanks Kezzie, was fun and made me realise you really don't need to spend much to get creative! :) x


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