Friday, 27 April 2012

Tots100 Film Club - Happy Feet Two

As part of my role at Tots100 Film Club and in partnership with Warner Bros this months film for us to review was Happy Feet Two. I had watched Happy Feet with the children a while ago, and loved it as the children did so had quite big expectations for this new sequel....

In the first Happy Feet the story centred around Mumble the penguin who couldn't sing to attract his soul mate, but instead had some fancy footwork moves and indeed went on to find his true love. Moving on to Happy Feet Two, the story opens with Mumble having gone on to have a ( very cute looking ) son Erik, who this time around really hasn't got the dance moves, feels isolated, and runs away with his dad Mumble in pursuit. Mumble tries desperately to connect with his son and so on and so on. I have to admit I got a little lost or should I say distracted watching this film. I loved the first so very much and quite honestly think this sequel doesn't for me live up to those magical feelings I had watching the original Happy Feet.

It felt a little like a repeat but with louder music, more moves and more global warming issues. When Mumble finally returns with Erik they find that a shifting iceberg has trapped the rest of the community and they need to find a way to free everyone. It was what I would term, alright, and there were sparks and flashes of creativity and the animations I have to say are quite magnificent. The scenes of Will and Bill ( the two Krill) are especially dramatic and there are moments of humour and I did laugh out loud at some points. Miss. Poppins got a little bored, whereas Master Poppins' attention was pretty much there all the way through. I did ask him what the film was about when it had finished, his reply "Penguins" which I guess is about right and he did enjoy watching it.

There were quite a lot of plot lines and new characters that I found hard to keep up with, and although children I think ( on the whole ) shall like this film very much, it is the parents who I am unsure shall as much. It just seemed a little unfocused for it to really grab my attention. One certainly for the kids DVD collection but one I imagine shall not be played over and over again.... 


Disclosure: We received one DVD to watch for the purposes of this blog post. 

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  1. Penguins are my favourite animal and I absolutely adored Happy Feet!
    I often think that follow up films are a really can't beat the after reading your post I don't think I'll bother with No 2. :0)


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