Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Heinz Barbecue Sauces....

As I love trying out new foods, I was more than eager to be a taste tester for Heinz again. This time it was a couple of new barbecue sauces that had just been brought out, and the two flavours are Classic Barbecue Sauce and Sticky Barbecue Sauce

The idea behind me wanting to try out these particular ones is I thought they would be the perfect addition to some sunny barbecues in the garden we had planned. Hmmm who was I kidding, not quite barbecue weather is it. Not one to be put off and knowing that these particular sauces would also create that barbecue flavour indoors, I was more than keep to give them a go. Both the 'classic' and the 'sticky' have been created with families in mind, and although we don't have cupboards full of sauces, I think these particular ones would complement many simple family meals. Both can be used as dips, and yet light enough to be used as marinades too, so almost a two-in-one product. I also think barbecue sauce a bit like marmite, you either love the flavour or you don' my case I am quite a fan of the taste. There are many ways with what you can cook using them too, for example, Sticky Barbecue Ribs, Marinated Chicken Wings, Ultimate Barbecue Beans, Barbecue chicken and Bacon Pizza.....etc. So the time came for us to try them out and we went for the Ultimate Barbecue Beans which was going to be a little tea for the children and we used these ingredients....

1 large onion, finely chopped
100g thick cut smoked bacon, trimmed of fat and cut into lardons
1tbsp vegetable oil
800g Heinz reduced salt and sugar baked beans
3tbsp Heinz classic barbecue sauce
20g tortilla chips, crushed
60g reduced fat hard cheese, grated
6 slices of wholemeal bread, toasted

The children always like to help out on the cooking front and Miss. Poppins really enjoyed crushing the tortilla chips for this recipe. It really was so simple to create....

Fry the onions and bacon in the oil until golden, add the Heinz baked beans and Heinz barbecue sauce and heat through. Meanwhile mix the crushed tortilla chips with the cheese. Top the toast with the beans followed by the tortillas and cheese and place under a preheated medium grill until melted and golden. And the result? 

The children loved their *posh beans on toast* as we called it, and the classic sauce I have to say really gave their meal a rich and smokey flavour. Children's verdict....YUM. We couldn't leave it there as we wanted to try out the sticky sauce too and decided to spread it on a pizza base instead of using tomato paste. Heinz do have their own suggested recipe for pizza using the sticky sauce, but as my children aren't a fan of all the ingredients involved we adapted it a little, and as well as the sticky barbecue sauce, we used mozzarella, tomato, ham, pineapple, grated cheese and herbs. Here it is just about to go in the oven....  

And the result?

I have to say it worked just perfectly on the pizza, I am a fan of sweeter tastes and this smooth and sweet Sticky Barbecue sauce has it just right for me and if had to choose a favourite out of the two it would be that one. So, now all we need is the sun to show us its face again and we can finally get out in the garden and light our barbecue. I just hope we don't have to wait too long....


Disclosure: I was sent some groceries with which to make these recipes, a bottle of Heinz Classic Barbecue sauce and a bottle of Heinz Sticky Barbecue sauce for the purposes of this blog post.

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  1. Hmm, yummy. We had a BBQ yesterday and it was very nice. Wish I had these sauces though LOL Maybe next time.
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