Monday, 2 April 2012

Ikea/Cath Kidston Makeover

 I found this lovely child's Poang Chair and footstool from Ikea on Freecycle. The original covers were reasonably in good condition though were faded in areas, and I couldn't wait to spruce them up a little. Master Poppins has chicken pox ( sob sob ) and I thought a perfect time to quickly whip up some new covers, so he can relax and put his feet up whilst I played ( a very tired ) nurse. It also rocks a little so is extra comfy....

I knew the fabric he would like and so reckoned on it being a simple like for like and used the seat and footstool cushions as my pattern template when cutting out my fabric....

The base for the foot stool uses velcro to secure the cushion so I just followed suit in the new cover I made....

As for the main seat cushion itself, it was sort of split into three separate pieces by two seams and I thought it would be just too difficult to get the bulky seat cushion under the sewing machine to do the seams. I opted for one simple slip cover, backed in a cream fabric and which worked just as well....

It was then just a case of slipping the cushion with new cover back over the base for the chair which makes it nice and secure too....

 I just love the Cath Kidston cowboy material and couldn't wait to see it all looking rather cool and funky....

He just loves it....



  1. Im going to read this post again slowly, to see if it is something I could do!! Its just that we have 2 of these adult ikea chairs. We have had them for years - bought them 3 houses ago! They are just so comfortable but would fit much better into our decor if they were in a different fabric!! Mmmmm one to think about, because that looks brill!

  2. It looks great! You've done a brilliant job.
    Hope Master P gets better very soon. :0)

  3. Very impressive! Well done! :)

  4. you are a clever one lady mary :) xx

  5. Ah bless, that is so cute. He looks so pleased with his new chair and such a clever mummy revamping for him.

  6. You are the best mum ever. Love what you have done and pleased to see master still loves the coolest fabric ever x

  7. Hi, this looks amazing! I have the same chair which desperately needs refreshed. At the risk of asking a stupid question, how did you measure this up / piece together? I've recently bought a sewing machine & have no idea what I'm doing :)


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