Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cox & Kings Blogger Challenge - The Results

I have been so preoccupied with one thing and another that I forgot to let you know about the outcome of the Blogger Challenge I took part in some weeks ago. I really enjoyed dressing our little upstairs bathroom in an Indian style and Cox & Kings the travel company who organised the challenge, and who themselves offer luxury holiday's in India made for a super challenge that everyone involved enjoyed. To be honest the *winning* of the challenge was somewhat secondary as I had much fun dressing the bathroom up, even though I nearly didn't get it finished in time. Here is a little snapshot of the finished bathroom....

Three of my photographs then went on the Cox & Kings facebook page along with the finished makeover's of the other five bloggers taking part and basically the bathroom with the most *likes* over the two weeks won the competition. After a first flury of shout outs and letting people know about the challenge on twitter and facebook, I got swept back into family life, and forgot about the competition for a while. *Like* competitions can be a little hit and miss, and I just didn't have the extra time to do lots of shout outs and if I am honest, felt a little uncomfortable asking people to vote for my bathroom as such. Anyway it was much to my delight when I got an email through the day after the competition had closed that I had indeed won the competition. Everyone's makoevers were lovely so to actually win was very flattering and hand on heart I didn't really expect to....

I am so delighted, and also a little nervous as the prize means I shall be spending three whole nights away from my children, the longest I shall ever have been away from them. Yes I am one of those who wants them tied to my vintage pinny forever!! Anyway am sure I shall overcome this nervousness at leaving them and shall be flying off to Tallinn and if the husband is good, he can come along too as I have two tickets ;) I haven't been abroad for a long, long time and hopefully shall be just what I need and give us some much needed *our time*, to experience the culture of another land and to see if I actually do have the balls to be separated from my children for those 3 short nights.

Since loosing Joshua who was born prematurly in 2005 and Master Popppins having a tricky time of it at birth and the following months after, I have become particularly protective of them and do worry about them when they are not around me. I personally think this a normal thing considering what we have been through, but I have to do it one day and I know we and they shall be fine :)

So, thank you Cox & Kings for giving me this opportunity and more importantly THANK YOU if any of you voted or liked or whatever you want to call it my ickle bathroom. THANK YOU so very much....




  1. That is great news.It looks beautiful.Hope you enjoy your time away with hubby.I find it so hard when James is not around and he is 19.I have had him home for 4 weeks but he goes back to uni sunday.He is going to be a teacher and wants to teach little people something he as always wanted.Lesley x

  2. What brilliant news: and you were the definite winner for me :D Looking forward to hearing all about your trip!!

  3. Well done, your bathroom is fabulous! Hope you enjoy your time away. I know what you mean about not wanting to be away from your children. My son is almost 2 and I haven`t had a night away from him yet.

  4. Well done! I hope you have a lovely break away, I know that nervousness about going away, but it will be lovely!

    Take care


  5. Well done! I am sure that you will both have a fabulous time. I am also sure that your children will have a great time too! Sue x

  6. Well done you. Well deserved! Enjoy!!

  7. Congratulations! I hope you will have a nice short break!


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