Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Burda Style Sewing Handbook

I love to sew, and shall always be very thankful and grateful to those online in various crafty forums and those in my real life who encouraged me to pick up that needle and thread again after many years of not doing so. Sewing has brought me a much needed creative outlet, and although I have gone on to make a little pocket money from my sewing it ultimately shall always be a hobby I love to do, it kind of works around family life and has given me the confidence to make things I would never normally have thought I could have in my wildest dreams.

 I am certainly no sewing guru and there are far more talented sewing peeps out there than me that I look up to and am inspired by and am always flattered that anything I make is liked by others. I am also passionate about other people having a go and I like to spread the word of how much fun sewing can actually be. The crafting world is a vast one, so many books out there and crafting magazines and in a whirlwind of craftiness, it is sometimes hard to know where to begin. I never ever thought attemting to make my own clothes would be something I could do, although I did attempt this Burda Dress for Miss. Poppins I haven't really done too much clothes making since so was eager to have a flick through this book that was sent by GMC Publications for review.... 

It is a real weighty book, in many ways. Chapters on getting started, using patters, starting to sew, making skirts, making blouses, making dresses, coats and even bags. Using patterns really isn't my best subject and I certainly need all the help I can get in that field. The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook has five adaptable sewing patterns for a skirt, coat, blouse, dress and a bag included in the back of the book....

It can be very empowering making ones own clothes, and I have so many pretty fabrics I think would make lovely little summer skirts or simple shift dresses, but that confidence thing again, it keeps creeping up and biting me on the bum. This book aims to help the reader understand that creating fashionable clothes is much easier than one thinks. It aims to give you the basic building blocks to begin sewing and the tools you need to move beyond the basics to designing and customising your own wardrobe. I love the way the chapters are easily set out....

In the book you shall also find essential information on setting up a studio, using your sewing machine, working with patterns, and the book claims to be the ultimate guide to sewing with style. The book wants to serve as the new bible for sewing enthusiasts and motivated DIYers. I would say some experience in the world of sewing may be advantageous in attempting the patterns in this book, but would also prove a very worthwhile addition to your bookshelf if you are someone who has always wanted to sew but never took the time to learn. You can use this book to bring your ideas to life and the book does say in its introduction that it contains everything a beginner needs to know, from setting up a sewing place and identifying essential tools to making that first skirt. For more advanced sewers, the book provides insight into great techniques, like circular ruffles and challenges you to design your own pattern variations. Each project is rated by skill level, from one to three buttons. One is beginner friendly, while three is for more experienced sewers.

I have found the community website BurdaStyle which was launched in 2007, and for people who love to sew very inspirational and I just love browsing on there. So, I guess the proof is in the pudding and I have begun to make myself a little Burda Style summer skirt, I am kind of guessing it shall have somewhat of my own take on it but shall certainly use the book as my guide and see how we go. And as for using patterns, eeeeeeek wish me luck, I think I am going to need it....



  1. Interesting post Mary. I love to sew too and make a lot of my own clothes. They always fit so well because I use simple techniques to make them comfortable! Oftentimes, clothes off the peg just do not fit in all the right places, so - design your own, then you'll know they will be right.
    Keep sewing.

  2. I used to sew all my clothes, from age 14, but now find I am lacking in time and fitting things on your own is tricky, you need a buddy to do the pinning!

  3. I'd love to share your review on my Facebook group, The Sewing Library it's a fast growing community of sewers across the world.


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