Friday, 16 March 2012

Little Red Dress....

Back in 2008 I remember posting about this dress that I was really looking forward to wearing at Christmas. From Oasis, it was very red, very Christmas like and very me. I wanted to create a magical romantic time to spend with Mr.Poppins. Well I never did get round to wearing it, the romantic evening never happened and even now it remains on the hanger with all its tags. I guess it has become the dress I shall never get round to wearing....

 In reality it probably is a little young for me, I don't go to many *do's* so have no real need for it to be sitting there looking pretty, and know it would look far prettier being worn by someone who would appreciate it as is a lovely dress for someone. Just not me perhaps. When I heard that TK Maxx and cancer research were joining together to launch Give Up Clothes For Good where we can take our quality unwanted clothes and items to any TK Maxx srore throughout April, I knew it would be perfect to hand in. All clothes and items handed in shall then be sorted and sent on to Cancer Research UK shops to be sold where all proceeds from the clothing sales shall be going to help fund research into childhood cancers. So my dress shall be top of my list of things to send in, and I hope it finds its true owner who, you never know may indeed wear it for their own special romantic evening....



  1. aw thats a pity you never got to wear it, it is really pretty.

  2. oh what a shame :( I have plenty of dresses still with their tags sitting in my wardrobe but I can't seem to part with them! The T K MAXX idea sounds wonderful though :) good on them! xx

  3. What a shame you didn't get the chance to wear it. It really is a beautiful dress.

  4. What a gorgeous dress. Thanks for taking part x

  5. What a lovely thing to do,I'm a serial " pretty dress buyer" too. I guess we are both cinderella's .. One day we will get to that ball ;) xxxx


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