Friday, 2 March 2012

AlexandAlexa Kickle T-shirt....

Word must have got round to the people at alexandalexa that Master Poppins was feeling a little under the weather, as this week he received one of their fantastic and oh so cool designer Kickle T-shirts which certainly put a smile on his face. The T-shirts came along after 5 years of experience curating a wide range of designer children'swear and alexandalexa put their knowledge to good use and created Kickle, their very own private label. Kickle is a designer quality piece, and only uses premium fabrics. They say kids fashion should be fun, and also wearable, and the design debut has been launched for 2012 with the unique Tshirt collection, that indeed captures the spirit of 'Fashion Made Fun'. Master Poppins was sent their Kickle Knuckles-N-Beebop Tee which incorporates the fun crocodile character 'Knuckles' with a silver knife and fork and 'Beebop' the chick. The Tshirt is a classic cut which gives a looser fit and I loved the way it looked on Master P....

I loved the vibrancy and fun factor of the croc print....

And what did he think? Definite hands up from him....

I shall certainly be keeping my eye on the Kickle range and look forward to see what's coming next....


Disclosure: I was sent one alexandalexa Kickle Tshirt for the purposes of this blog post review.   


  1. It's lovely Mary. I really like the crocodile on the front and it goes very well with those trousers.

    1. Thanks Star, yes I quite like the trousers too, he has a rainbow of colours! x

  2. Cute little lad and love the clothes xx


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