Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Vintage Trunk....

Oh I really do love old, vintage things with character and charm to them, and when I spied this lovely trunk, I knew I had to have it. Normally these old vintage trunks can be quite pricey, though this I thought quite reasonable, so I snapped it up....

 I love the well worn leather handles....

And the rusty locks....

The inside isn't quite as pretty, but I am hopefully going to sort that out....

The lining is a very fine paper one and I just love the removable top drawer that came with it. Sadly the original paper was quite badly water damaged so I have already started picking away at the lining, ready to replace it with something pretty....

I just love the way the drawer sits neatly on top....

So, all I need to decide is how to go about lining it and what to use. Lining paper? Wallpaper? Fabric? I am yet to make up my mind. I can send it off to the professional peeps, but you know me, I always like to give things a go. Oh and then I also need to think about what treasures I want to keep inside it. Hmmmm it could be a trunk full of all those special memories of having children, their first blanket, name tags, special outfits those kinds of things....For now is on my endless list of jobs to do, if you can offer any tips on how you would line it, would love to know :)



  1. very nice,i have an old metal trunk of my grandmas(i always had thoughts of finding family treasure in there when i was young!lol)


  2. It's really pretty, such a great find. I suppose what you lie it with would depend on what you want to store in it. Being so good on a sewingmachine the obvious choice would be fabric. Or maybe you could do a patchwork paper lining asking blogging friends to send squares of pretty paper like when you made your curtain for the kitchen?

  3. I couldn't agree more- I've alrways wanted a trunk- it's the Enid Blyton thing of course- anything the Famous Five did, I STILL want to do it (like find a secret tunnel that connects an island under the sea with the mainland. Do such things exist?!)
    I can't wait to see what you do with it! It will be beautiful as always!

  4. Oh yes,a 'memory' trunk would be lovely!
    My heart sank when I saw the first pic as I went to boarding school and packing my trunk(just the same as yours)meant the end of the holidays and back to school again.I wonder what happened to mine? :0)

  5. I'm not surprised you pounced on that, the exterior is in really good condition. I have a couple but not as good as yours. Looking forward to seeing your makeover of the interior.

  6. Lovely trunk! Really a beauty!

  7. I never find anything like this and am always on the lookout for old trunks and suitcases. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

    And my prize arrived!!! Yippee!! So thrilled to have won, thank you so much. Made my year! Xxx


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