Sunday, 5 February 2012

Inflatable Penguin Sledge....

I have had this inflatable Snow Boogie Inflatable Sledge all folded up in his little box for quite a while, it was sent to be reviewed, but with no snow, it was a little difficult to see how it performed and capture the children sledging in action....

Until now that is, as soon as the snow fell, we all ran to poor lonely Mr. Penguin, and took it in turns to blow him up. We then went off to do a little sledging. Master Poppins thoroughly enjoyed himself....

It really is a super fun little sledge, very rigid and much, much faster than a bin liner. Master P who is 5, fitted perfectly inside, and I have to say I did have a little go myself but think am possibly a little on the big side, so no action shots of me there I am afraid ;) Miss. Poppins of course made sure she was going to have a go or two on it....

I would say stick to thick snow, as being inflatable, not ideal going over sharp stones or twigs, many of which we have here in the country, but happily on our little adventure he came back safe and sound. There is kit included in the box should a puncture arise which is always handy to have. There are two soft grip handles that make it easy to steer and we got many smiles from people who thought our Mr. Penguin a much fun inducing sledge. Not only is there Mr. Penguin, there is also Mr. Polar Bear too....

So, as the snow has stayed put, and we are off again to enjoy the thrill of the sledge with our Mr. Penguin. Have to say I shall look forward to coming home to one of these....



  1. OH IT LOOKS SO MUCH FUN!!! Can you believe, I've NEVER been on a sledge! The one time I was in the right place at the right time with the right equipment, last Christmas, I had broken my wrist!!! :-(

    1. Ohooo poor you, hopefully when the wrist heels and there is more snow you shall have a go, tis fun!! x

  2. That looks fantastic - what a great sledge! Our snow lasted less than 24 hours so no sledging for us this time :-( Your hot chocolate looks very inviting too!! XX

    1. The hot chocolate was yum! Yes is melting here slowly, is very very icy! x


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