Monday, 16 January 2012

Pink Ikea....

 I look forward to my little shopping jaunts to the blue and yellow store, though I really do not need half most of the things that end up in my trolley, Ikea always seem to have me in the palm of their hand. I have one maybe two items on my list that I really do need to pick up, but then somehow gradually as I walk round I see things that I think oh go on then, you can come home with me.

Firstly I saw these Rosali fleece throws and knew would be perfect for my Rosali themed bedroom and so made my wayover to pop a couple in my trolley ( that my super helpful 5 year old pushed round Ikea all by himself ). Alas they made my eyes go funny, really funny when I looked at them. Now you can't really tell from the photographs but the rosali print on these is really blurry and I thought maybe I had picked up a peculiar one that didn't quite make it properly through the manufacturing process, but no the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on all gave me that same blurry look. My blue eyes couldn't cope so back in their own cart they went to stay....

I was tempted to quickly nip back and just get one but I always think of the motto only buy things that make you smile....and these made me squint so not quite the same. If you see, or have seen them would love to know what you think. I saw a cushion I had had my eye on for a while but was quite pricey I thought, so was very glad to see it had been reduced to only £4.99, I love it, is so comfy and really really big infact. Admittedly not on my list but it had been on my *wish* list, so almost counts yes?

Walking round there were more bargains to be had, and I am a girl who needs her storage so in went a couple of these pretty and colourful storage boxes in the sale....

 Magazine files ( for my endless home inspiration magazines that are literally everywhere in this house ) these come in packs of four so hopefully many of my magazines shall find new tidy homes....

I was quite tempted with these as they just looked so pretty, but I had to restrain myself....

Though I did get one or two of the 25p ( in the sale) pretty artificial flowers, I have some glass milk bottles that I think these shall look ever so sweet in.

The 5 year old begged me to pop these 49p I think they were, things in the trolley, I haven't a clue what they are but he seemed happy and he was being rather helpful with the pushing of the trolley....

Candles, yes not on my list but I cannot go to ikea without coming home with a candle or two, and these pink paisley ones I thought very nice indeedy. In a couple went....

As were these lovely napkins, and go perfectly nice with the tray I got from there not too long ago....

Eventually I came to the area that I was looking for and got myself a little fabric that I had needed and had been on my proper shopping list all along. The other things, well they just danced their merry way into my trolley, andwhat could I do but take them home with me ;) Do you have shopping habits similar to mine when you go to the blue and yellow store, it would make me feel a bit better if I wasn't the only one....


PS Just a little reminder about my last post where you could get you mitts on a fabulous ( £420 ) smartphone


  1. I too love the trappings of the blue and yellow shop. Many a candle, storage jar (for my buttons of course!) and cushion has found it's way into my big yellow bag (then trolley when it gets too heavy!) So you are not alone.. Sue x

  2. I'm SO like you when I enter's like all sense goes out of the window and I'm throwing things in the bag( I buy those yellow/blue ones to carry everything round and them use them as laundry bags)I don't need,but want,get them home and think...Why?
    You might be interested to know that Dunelm Mill does very similar throws to those Rosali ones...but without the 'blur'.They have a sale on now as well. :0)

  3. I am just like you in Ikea!! I saw that cushion but had made the fatal error of taking my OH shopping with me! He just kept saying NOOOOO!! To everything I touched!! We did just go to 'look' but that's all I ever do! It's the first time I've left there with nothing! Not even a 49p Hotdog!!!! Shocking!

  4. I've only been to the blue and yellow store 3 or 4 times in my life but I'd dreaded it every time- maybe it's the lack of daylight inside, the inability to escape quickly or the immensity of it but usually I am fairly restrained and can be reasonable about it as I just want to get out! Admittedly, when I've been in for one thing, I've maybe come out with two!

  5. When we went the last time we came away with a 5 ft shark that now lives on our bed! yes we are grown adults with grown up children and a 5ft shark!

  6. Oh yes, I've been there!! Now though I only get to go when I visit my parents as there's not one round where we live, and since I have to travel back on the train I am severly hampered by what I can get in my suitcase - usually not a lot! So no silly spending in the blue and yellow shop for me anymore! hehe x

  7. Oooooh IKEA is so not good for my bank balance.

    I strictly ration my visits otherwise I'd bankrupt us

  8. Oooh, thats made me realise I must be due a visit to Ikea soon!!


  9. Hmmm, some nice buys Ms. Poppins, but I was looking forward to some pics of your fabric as well.......
    my nearest blue and yellow store is a 3 hour drive away which may be just as well, but we may be within visiting distance on the weekend. Shall take a bag of and breadcrumbs with me just in case, as I seem to get lost and lose my sense of direction once inside the hooouuuuge shop.........

    Claire :}

  10. I may be a little more restrained, but I do enjoy shopping. I love looking for things which I can do other things with, if you know what I mean.

  11. Nooooo, I will have to stop visiting your blog, now I REALLY need to go to IKEA. :) I actually think the blurry Rosali throw might be what I need to back a quilt top that I have half-made and left languishing in my UFO pile. And I really do NEED some of their plain cotton fabrics so I have an excuse all ready and waiting.

  12. How funny...that happens to me too at the blue and yellow store! If I look around my studio now I can see...white picture frames, jars, boxes, lamps.. which all just jumped into my basket! Love all the things that came home with you!
    Helen x

  13. I love to go to Ikea's, it reminds me of Sweden. I love everything Swedish. The last time went for a plastic box and also bought a beautiful orchid. But that has been a while ago. I checked their site, I don't think "we" don't have the Rosali throw here.

  14. Marianne - over here the Rosali things don't feature on the website but are in the stores. One time I was looking for the polka dot fabric, the store assistant said they could not predict when it would be in because for some reason all the Rosali designs share one single barcode and so stock control is impossible... I don't know whether he had this right, but certainly, Rosali stocks remain impossible to track online over here. :)

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  16. Hello there

    Just found your blog, and I love it,
    it is just my cup of tea!
    I too have the wonderful Kitchenaid on my wish list maybe one day.

    Warm wishes


  17. ive never been into ikea and so i got so green when i saw everyone with the pretty print. Though i do think you're right if it makes your eyes go funny you may as well have bought an ugly thing as you cant look at it anyway.

  18. Pink color ever where.. :P why always girls like the pink color ??
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