Monday, 23 January 2012

Lovin' Freecycle

I was very kindly given these 6 beautiful solid pine chairs not long ago on freecycle, I really like them....

And have some exciting plans ahead for them. I really love the painted look on chairs like these. I have found so much inspiration online and have my little painted chair board on Pinterest if you would like a mooch. A couple of my favourites....




I just love. Though do you think the look is a bit too twee, not very grown up like. I shall certainly have fun picking out my colours as would like a different colour for each chair. I found a lovely pine dresser on freecycle too, but more about that another day. Do you like freecycle, would love to know your most favourite freecycle item....



  1. Oh the fun you are going to have! Can't wait to see what colours you are going to choose. :)

  2. I Love Freecycle too! We have local Swap Shop which is great too:-)I tried spray painting a similar wood chair recently- but I didn't sand them properly because I was lazy and they didn't work out. Lesson Learned. Can't wait to see them when they are finished!

  3. I have really enjoyed reading your post (when i'm ment to be cleaning the bathroom...) Glad I came across your blog and am now a follower. Can't wait to see the colours you pick for your chairs xx

  4. Mary - what are you going to do with all those chairs?!!

    Seriously, I say this as a fellow addict/sufferer... I have a set of 6 oak chairs for my formal dining table, and then up in the attic I have stashed the four cheaper but sturdy chairs that came with an older, now disposed of table: these are "spares" that appear for family parties and dinners, once or twice a year.

    The spares used to live in the kitchen, and all was reasonably well, until I replaced them with cute stools that I found in a charity shop and repainted, along with a freecycle vintage step stool, and a step-stool-come-kitchen stool that IKEA made me buy...

    Then, on top of all those, I have three 'bedroom chairs' (read: gorgeous but hopelessly unsteady auction finds) which I really don't have room for, but somehow purchased by 'accident' last summer.

    I have painted one of my 'bedroom' chairs in a deep red paint, which I found in the sale aisle at Tesco. It is scrummy, but I have forbidden myself from painting all the chairs in different colours right now, because my house is starting to look like Steptoe's back yard, and the colour just draws attention to the fact that there is so much STUFF around the place.... :D

  5. They will be fab painted in all different colours. I love your inspiration pictures. I've been after some new chairs for my dining room and will definitely be painting them!
    My best freecycle item was a Lloyd Loom bedside table - it was in perfect condition and a lovely green colour. I always keep my eyes peeled - you never know what you might find!

  6. They will look great painted! I have the same chairs and have wanted to paint them for ages(and my pine dresser too),but I know it's going to be a looooong job,so I keep putting it off.Be interested to know how you get on.

  7. I love freecycle too! I love getting rid of my stuff on there! The chairs will look amazing painted up!

  8. Love those chairs and I'm now following you on Pinterest! Have you heard about the #PinAddicts Challenge? Want to join in? More details on my blog!

  9. Love the colours those chairs are painted. I really want to do this too!

  10. They suit you to perfection!

  11. Those chairs will look lovely painted, I am going to do the same with my odd chairs soon!
    Love your pinterest boards
    Just gorgeous!

  12. Lovely chairs, they will look fab all painted up! I had some similar ones and I was going to paint them blue and pink but wimped out in the end and painted them cream instead! Freecycle is great, though I've only ever given stuff away on it! xx

  13. Love your chairs, they will look lovely when you paint them up in gorgeous pastels! Can't wait to see the finished result! x

  14. Ooooh how pretty!
    I love the ideas you have, i think my favourite pic is the first, i love the soft colours.
    We got our caravan off freecycle!! Its the best!


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