Friday, 13 January 2012

Fabulous LG Optimus 3D Phone Giveaway!

Well its that time of year again where the pennies really start to count and I have to get myself into a *do I really need that* kind of thinking when out shopping, believe me, being the shopoholic I am tis hard, very hard. Doesn't one always NEED things that make us smile :) Now what is hopefully going to make you smile is the opportunity to win a fantastic LG Optimus 3D Mobile Phone, ( retailing at £420 sim free ) this is one cool phone, let me tell you a little about it....

* The world's most powerful smartphone with 3D.
* The high-performance smart phone lets you record, view and share 3D content without glasses.
* 4.3" WVGA display provides bright images allowing users to view 2D and 3D multimedia content.

Not bad huh? And here is what this baby looks like....

Getting one of these little charmers sent through the post would certainly cheer one up in these money saving times I would think, and money resolutions is what I would like to ask you about. You could be in with an opportunity of winning this fantastic phone, which has been offered by Tesco Mobile who are promoting their ever popular capped tariff's....

Ensuring your monthly bill is never more than the cost of your tariff
This is done by fixing your tariff so you can only use your inclusive minutes, texts and data
The ability to top-up your account with a Pay as you go top-up, if you run out during the month
The choice of Capping any contract on any phone across their whole range – a unique offer in the mobile market

 What I would like to know is what your new year's money saving resolutions are, and like me how you plan on saving money in this new year. Mine would obviously have to be to just not shop!! However I have been thinking of one or two little ways we as a family can be a little more money saving, and how we can save money. It began with me popping the occasional loose coin or two in our housekeeping fund tin, and it is amazing how much seems to be in there already. We are nearly ready for the big tin opener to pop by and see exactly how much money that would have been well spent ( on tat as my husband says ) by now is in there....

You have up until midnight 20th January to share your money saving resolution/s with me and a winner of the fabulous phone shall be picked shortly afterwards. Please make sure you have a valid email address so I can contact you and unfortunately on this occasion this giveaway is only open to UK residents.

Good luck!!


Thank you for all your entries, congratulations to Nicki who was picked out of the hat :) 

Disclosure: For running this competition on behalf of Tesco Mobile, I received a shopping voucher for Tesco. 


  1. Mine is to plan our meals every week, then write up our shopping list from that and what we already have in and stick to it as far as possible (unless I find bargains I can freeze for another week). I find it saves me a fortune to stick to a list as my shopping bill for 2 adults and 2 children is rarely over £50 a week.

  2. My money saving plan is quite important as I am hopefully moving out soon. I am very careful as it is but I intend to be even more thrifty by only buying 2nd hand clothing (I can't justify paying £30 for a tshirt when they are 99p on ebay!) I will also be making as many handmade gifts as possible. I am a dab hand at making natural soaps and cosmetics, cards and scrapbooks, cooking and baking, jewellery making and general crafting so it should be fun aswell as helping me to save money and clear out my supplies before I move!

  3. To save money this year I am focusing on our food shop. I throw away too much so I'm going to shop little and often (and plan meals). This will have the added effect of making me lose a bit of the wobble around my tummy, I hope!

    Nicki x

  4. My new year's resolution is not to cut back on living and having fun, even though money is very tight, and so money-saving plan involves making as much use of the 'free' stuff available locally so that I don't pay for things twice, ie once through council taxes and again through paying privately. I currently have 10 sewing/photography books on loan free from the local library, and I am signed up for a low-cost dress-making class through the local Adult Education programme; I have a subscription to the local gym and pool (it's as clean and well-resourced as my old private gym!) and I am working my way through the local museums including the really cool folk museum and science museum to take my young niece on days out. Through my evening classes, I have discovered that my local college are desperate for 'models' to have low-cost beauty treatments, and they also have a professional restaurant where meals are cooked and served by trainee chefs, so that will be the next thrifty treat I try out.

    I love your housekeeping money tin, Mary. I have a ceramic pig and deposit cash every time I resist making an unnecessary online purchase... he is already rattling nicely and we are only on week 2!

    (annie-c at scc)

  5. My plan is to not spend so much on shopping on the go and buying things for lazyness. I roughly plan food, but then i forget to take something out the freezer in the know the way!
    So now i dont take money with me when i go to work. I pay my bus with a pre-paid bus ticket,have a packed lunch and i cant buy ready meals on the way home! Im also going to take money out of the ATM with a bank slip and not use chip and pin so that at all times i know what i have and i have to hand over cold hard cash before i want something, instead of handing over the plastic!
    x x x

  6. Other planning menus and only buying what I need. I'm also trying to go 'down a brand' something I heard about on the radio. And I have to say so far , cheaper brands have definitely been just as good. Happy new year.

  7. Mine is to learn how to sew better, I won't need to buy new clothes if I can upcycle the old stuff in the back of the wardrobe! And every pound that would have been spent on clothes will be saved for my jollies! :-)

    I also hope to not buy any scrapbooking supplies this year... but I feel that may be asking too much! xx

  8. My money saving resolution is to only buy what I need! I'm terrible for buying things which take my fancy - only to donate them to a charity shop 6 months later. This year I shall be frugal!

  9. My money saving resolution is to cycle more often,
    In hope that my depressing bank balance will soften!
    Saving money and keeping fit,
    Surely a resolution that needs to stick!
    Too much money spent on fuel
    And this resolution is my new golden rule!

    hope you like!

    Azra -

  10. Ours is to stop eating out as much! We spend FAR too much money on eating in restaurants and having takeaways...its awful! I used to cook healthy wholesome meals every night but our busy lifestyles have meant quick and convieniant is very easier. So our News Years Resolutions were to stay at home more often for meals, enjoy more family days out and mine was to improve my sewing skills...which i'm already doing :)

  11. As a Pay As You Go mobile user, I do not have any perks with my provider. I try not to text for the sake of it, and will wait until I get home, then will email the person. Most of the time people text for no reason. Emails are free and saves me quite alot of pennies.

    Also started saving £10 a month into my savings account. £10 isnt much, but because its such a small amount, I dont miss it - the plan is to up it to say £15 in about 4 to 5 months.

    Also get the last of the shampoo out of the bottle by putting some water in it first. Hey shampoo is expensive.
    Best wishes Amanda.....x

  12. Amazing Competition!! My New Years Resolution is to budget well. Love to be organised so stop worrying :)

  13. Mine is to make use of our Rail Network Card to visit free museums and galleries in London which I've never been to, to borrow books from the library and download free kindle books and to plan my meals carefully for the family so we eat more healthily and on a better budget with less waste. By the way, Mary, great prize - thank you. Sharon X

  14. Mine is to blog my Meal Plan every week so that I stick to it. Also to declutter and make some money from our excess stuff. Finding a cheaper house to rent is a priority too, hard to do in the city we live in though

  15. My money saving plan is to eat the food I have bought instead of convincing myself that I 'need' a takeway and then throwing the contents of my fridge in the bin! I already buy clothing from ebay (Topshop, All Saints) at a fraction of the cost. Handmade gifts also will be given whenever possible.

  16. We really need to save some money this year, so there are a few things that we're trying. We're trying to plan our meals better so that I don't have to keep buying extra's for dinner from the pricey M&S in town. I've told myself I'm not allowed to get anymor craft supplies as I already have so much ready to be used.
    Also, I'm trying to walk into town a lot less and go for a country walk in the opposite direction.. if I'm not in town, then I don't get the 'wanties' for lovely items!!

    Ashley xxx

  17. I am trying very hard to not buy things we don't really need, and sell things we already have but don't need on ebay! Its amazing how much you can save just by asking yourself if you really need it!


  18. As a family we are really conscious of not spending more than we have and trying to save where ever possible. Our dream was to be able to afford to be a part of the Olympics in London this year so this is how we have managed to save...Only spending money on food essentials and sticking to a meal plan each week, asking parents/grandparents not to spend money on toys we don't need at Christmas and birthdays but to contribute to our Olympic fund instead! Getting the children to save pocket money and resisting the urge to buy sweets. I made most of our Christmas presents and we have house swapped with friends for our holidays the past couple of years!
    So, Olympics here we come (we even managed to get some tickets where we only pay the children's age - bargain!).

    Karen xx

  19. Great giveaway!
    I'm going to stick to my list when I'm in the supermarket and to walk past the BOGOF's that I didn't even know I needed! I also intend to batch bake more so I don't resort to convenience foods for last minute meals!

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  22. What a wonderful giveaway! This year I am getting my act together and making packed lunches for work rather than being lazy and buying exorbitant sandwiches, and cutting back on my much loved lattes. I've just calculated I could save over FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS A YEAR!!! Thank you for your giveaway without which I wouldn't have done the sums :D

  23. I have lots of money saving tips on my new blog (hope you do not mind the self publicity). But my main tips for this time of year are to reduce food waste. Use draft excluders and use cost compairon sites

  24. I plan to save a pound a day until December to pay for the big Christmas food shop, plan meals better and not grab things on the go and think before I buy clothes as I tend to buy them, never wear them and then give them to the charity shop or my daughter.
    In order to achieve this I plan to stick pictures of skinny supermodels on my frigde as an incentive to eat better and not grab calorific snacks on the go. and always take my daughter shopping with me as shes too honest.

  25. Mine has already started. Today I went to the hairdressers and instead of paying nearly £40.00 for a hair cut I had my hair cut by a young girl who is training and it only cost me £5.00. I make sure that I recycle as much as we can and I hope to make most of my gifts to people this year.


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