Monday, 9 January 2012

Bobble Hat and A Chair....

I think at heart I am a traditional girl, I just love things to have that lovely handmade, homespun feel about them. Take this lovely bobble hat that Jesse made for Master Poppins via her folksy shop here I was searching for a handmade hat for him on there, and Jesse contacted me to say she had an idea of what I had in mind and I just LOVE what she came up with. I love watching him bobbing along and the cute bobble having it's own little dance on his head. I often gets remarks on it by passers by that it is lovely to see a traditional looking bobble hat and they all smile when they find out it has been handmade. Who is not smiling however is little Mr. Gingerbread, one of Master Popps' favourite treats. Oh no he is not a happy chappie at all....

They just love biting their little heads off don't they. Talking of traditional I saw this lovely chair that seemed to be going for a reasonable price in the second hand shop. I really liked it and thought would sit in quite well with my interior, though I just couldn't make a decision. I don't know what you think but it was very comfy and I could certainly see one or two of my pretty handmade cushions on it. Though do I really need ANOTHER chair? I do seem to have a thing for them....

 Well I left with no chair but now have one of those *wish I had got it now* feelings, but there we are, hopefully it has gone off to a new lovely home and all that ( or else I could just give them a little tinkle and see if it is still there ). The vintage look is so in vogue right now, and I can't see it fading fast. What do they call it, Granny Chic? If so, well I can't get enough of it ;)



  1. Oh yeah! There's no way you can beat a bobble hat!
    I still have one that a family friend knitted me, when I was probably a little older than Master P. It has a gathered top on a drawstring, as I had long hair which I'd put in a ponytail thru' the top! I still wear it even tho' there isn't the long hair anymore!
    Z xx
    PS. Happy New Year

  2. Gorgeous bobble hat - so cute! The chair did look fab but there are only so many chairs you need - granny chic is definitely here to stay too! XX

  3. Yes, I love bobble hats! This one is so cute, especially as it's a completely different colour!

  4. Such a lovely family you have :) I'm glad you and master poppins are happy with the bobbly goodness, sending you sunshine!

  5. What a splendid bobble hat! fabulous!

  6. Can't live without a bobble hat to make you smile. kx

  7. Love that hat! Looks really cosy.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. The chair reminds me of one that you would find in a gentleman's study....a very classic looking chair.

    The bobble hat is too cute!x

  9. That hat is stunning! Sadly, I do think you can have too many chairs, I have had to have a chair cull myself after too much charity shopping.... ;) But you can't have too many bobble hats, I'm sure!


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