Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My New Baby....

Well, I have a little someone new to the Poppins house who I would like you all to meet....

Our lovely new family member is an adorable Border Terrier  and oh my we have just fallen in love with him. He has only been with us a couple of days, though settling in well. He is 2 and a half years old, and wasn't getting on with another dog who he lived with in his previous loving, family home. Once a female dog moved in next door it caused all sorts of issues I believe. As much as I can understand how upsetting it was for his previous ( lovely ) owner to see him go, she knew it would be far easier to rehome him, than the other one who was being somewhat of a bully. She has told me it makes things a little easier knowing how much happiness he shall give us, and how much he shall be loved. I have to say those eyes of his just melt my heart....  

He came with a little name of his, though we may just give him a little nick name, though are undecided. He kind of answers to anything anyway, especially if it involves food ;) I am quite new to the breed, so any tips/advice greatly appreciated. He has been to the vets and is a thoroughly well and healthy dog and he recommended me thinking about using one of these whilst he settles. Though would love to know if they actually work. We have been searching for the right dog for a long, long time so are over the moon with this little fella. I hope he settles in well, and can't wait to take him on the lovely long country walks we have near us....



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! So cute x My mum has a Border Terrier / Beagle (yep, quite a mix!)He is 8 now, and was found in rescue kennels 3 years ago. A very loving breed! I'm glad he is settling in well. Sue x

  2. Lucky you ...Mary we had a cross border named beanie for 10 uyears adorable... be firm terriers have a big personality we humanised ours thinking it was kindness and love he was a handfull and while we were thinking of getting another bordrer from some friends who breed them they offered us westie named Millie they were retiring ! we soon realised that we made lots of mistakes with Beanie as Millie is so well behaved a crate is the best thing we invested in for Millie as she was nervous when we went out and couldnt take i would come back and she has left me some puddles he is happy to go in the crate she must feel safe .... wish we had one when we had Beanie but dint know about then Millie is 12 now we have had here 3 years and has been a joy to us we no doubt will be having a border next as i think we are our friends doggie retirement home KIeren xx

  3. Love him! my friend Jenny would love him too.
    Just make sure he knows who is boss and you will be fine.

  4. Aw Mary he is gorgeous!!
    Whats his name then?
    How lovely to have him in time for Christmas too, hope he is settling in well.
    xx Gem

  5. What a cute dog! Congratulations!

  6. How cute! Gorgeous big eyes! Cx

  7. Just gorgeous. I hope he will be very happy with you and that you will bless the day you took him in. I don't know how the other owner could bear to part with him, but their loss is your gain. I know how difficult it is when animals don't get on too well in the same household! I have some experience of that myself.
    Love him and he will love you. I bet the children adore him already?

  8. He's gorgeous!! I bet the children love him too!

    sharon xx

  9. We used to have a border terrier. For little dogs they don't half need a lot of walking, well ours did anyway. She was very friendly and loved everyone.

  10. awwwwwwwwwwww he is so cute!!!!


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